Cars Vocabulary Word List (160)

A)AAA, Accessories, Action, Alert, Alternatives, Antique, Appeal, Auto, Auto body shop, Automaker
B)Back seat, Block, Bolts, Brakes, Brands, Buff
C)Car, Car Fax, Car port, Care, Caution, Certified, Choices, Chrome, Class, Classic, Client, Color, Comfort, Condition, Control, Convertible, Cost, Coupe, Credit score, Crossing, Custom, Customer
D)Danger, Dashboard, Deal, Dealership, Delivery, Delivery, Dent, Design, Detour, Drinking, Drive, Driver
F)Features, Fob, Four door, Front seat
G)Garage, Gasket, Gasoline, Gauges, Gear, Gravel
H)Hi-test, Highway, Horn
I)Indicator, Infant seats, Insurance, Insured, Interstate, Invoice
J)Jalopy, Judgment
K)Kelly Blue Book, Keys, Kinds
L)Lanes, Laws, Leather, Left, Lessons, License, List price, Lot, Loyalty
M)Make, Manufacture, Maps, Mechanic, Mid-grade, Mileage, Miles, Mirror, Model, MSR
O)Obey, Obstruction, Oil
P)Park, Passenger, Passing, Pedals, Personal plates, Piston, Polish, Power, Price, Problems, Pump, Purchase price
Q)Quality, Quick
R)Racing, Recall, Regular, Regulations, Repair, Restriction, Right, Rings, Roadway, Rod
S)Safety, Safety, Salesman, Saleswoman, Seal, Seat belts, Sedan, Service department, Shift, Showroom, Signal, Size, Slow, Specifications, Speed limit, Spiel, Start, Steer, Style, Supreme, Surface
T)Teens, Test, Texting, Ticket, Tires, Touring, Trade-in, Turn, Types
U)Usage, Used car
V)Vanity plates
W)Wax, Wear and tear
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