Carousels Vocabulary Word List (145)

A)Activity, Adults, Amusement park, Amusing, Animals, Anytime, Arrow Development Company, Artistic, Artistry, Artwork, Atlantic Beach Carousel, Awe
B)Beauty, Bench, Blue, Boardwalks, Boys, Brass ring, Bygone
C)Camel, Carnival, Carvings, Celebrate, Center pole, Chariot, Charles I.D. Looff, Charles W.F. Dare Company, Children, Circular, Circus, Classic, Clown, Color, Colorful, Contest, Cowboys, Craft, Creatures
D)Decor, Decoration, Diversion, Dragon
E)Elaborate, Entertainment, Every one, Exotic, Expense, Experience
F)Fairs, Fare, Features, Flowers, Forelegs, Fun
G)Giraffe, Girls, Gold ring, Grab, Green, Grip
H)Hand-painted, Herschell Spillman Company, History, Holding, Horses
I)Inexpensive, Intact, Invent, Iron rods
K)Keen, Kids
L)Laughter, Lavender, Lights, Lion, Location
M)Manes, Marcus Charles Illions, Memory, Merry-go-round, Mirrors, Motion, Mounts, Movement, Music
N)National Historic Landmark, Nostalgia, Nursery rhymes
O)Occasion, Oom-pah-pah, Operation, Organ, Ornamentation
P)Painted, Participate, Pick, Pink, Platform, Pole, Ponies, Prance, Pretty, Prize
Q)Quadruped, Quality, Quickly
R)Red, Restoration, Revolution, Revolving, Ride, Riders, Round and round, Rows
S)Saddle, Seat, Souvenir, Space, Spin, Splendid, Squeals, Stirrups, Style, Summer, Survival
T)The Flying Horse Carousel, Theme, Treat, Tunes, Turquoise
U)Up and down
V)Vertical, Vintage, Vivid, Volume
W)Weekend, Whirl, Winner, Wonder, Wooden horses
Y)Youngsters, Youth
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