Card Games-Poker Vocabulary Word List (279)

A)Ability, Ace, Advance, Advocate, Affect, Aggressive, All-around, All-star cast, Amateur, Amazing, Ambiance, Amount, Ante, Appeal, Approach, Aspect, Astute, Atmosphere, Attendance, Attraction, Aware
B)Beat, Benefit, Bet, Big-stack, Bluff, Bonus, Bookmaker, Bracelet, Bravado, Business, Bust, Buy-in
C)Call, Capable, Card hand, Cards, Career, Careful, Cash, Casino, Cautious, Challenge, Championship, Chance, Cheating, Chips, Choice, Commentator, Common, Competition, Competitor, Compulsion, Consecutive cards, Contender, Contest, Contribution, Control, Count, Coveted, Cutthroat
D)Deal, Decision, Deck, Defending, Deposit, Determination, Drama, Draw, Dream
E)Earnings, Endless play, Entry fee, Environment, Equivalent, Event, Excitement, Experience, Exposure
F)Face down, Face up, Fame, Favorite, Feature, Federal, Felt, Field, Final, Finish, First-timer, Flop, Flow, Fold, Fraud, Full house
G)Gambling, Game, Generate, Glamor, Goal, Government
H)H.O.R.S.E., Hands, High, High-limit, High-stakes, Hobby, Hold, Hole-card, Hone, Honesty, Hope
I)Illegal, Immortalize, Impact, Improbable, Improvise, Income, Incredible, Inferior, Inside straight, Instinct, Instruction, Intimidating, Invitational
J)Jack, Join, Joker
K)King, Knack, Knocked out
L)Lead, Legality, Legalize, Legendary, License, Limits, Local, Low, Low-key, Low-profile, Luck, Lure
M)Main, Main event, Major, Maximum, Meaning, Minor, Mixed game, Money, Money laundering, Moneymaker
N)Nerves, No-limit, Numbers
O)Objective, Observation, Obsession, Occurrence, Odds, Official, Old-timer, Opponent, Opportunity, Order, Outlast
P)Pair, Parlance, Participate, Patience, Performance, Personality, Pile, Player, Point system, Poker, Poker-playing pal, Popularity, Position, Pot, Potential, Predictable, Premier, Private, Prize, Professional, Profile, Prohibit, Promotion, Proposition, Protection, Public
Q)Qualify, Queen
R)Rank, Read, Regarded, Registrant, Regulation, Reputation, Respect, Results, Revenue, Reward, Risk, River, Rookie, Round, Rounder
S)Satellite tournament, Savvy, Scary, Seat, Service, Settlement, Seven- card stud, Sharp, Showdown, Showroom, Shuffle, Significance, Situation, Skill, Sneak peek, Speculate, Split, Sponsor, Sport, Stack, Straight, Style, Suit, Superior, Sustain
T)Table, Talent, Team, Telecast, Thirteen cards, Timing, Top player, Total, Tournament, Tradition, Trait, Travel, Turn, Turnout
U)Ultimate, Ultra-exclusive, Unbelievable, Unbreakable, Underage, Underdog, Underestimate, Unofficial, Unprecedented, Unpredictable, Upfront
V)Variety, Venue, Veteran, Victory, Visibility
W)Wager, Watch, Weekend games, Wild card, Winnings, Wise, Women players, World Series
Y)Yearn, Yelling, Yield
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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