Business and Career Vocabulary Word List (304)

A)Academic, Accounting, Accuracy, Achievement, Administration, Advancement, Affiliation, Affordable, Alternatives, Analysis, Aplomb, Appreciation, Appropriate, Ardent, Array, Assembly line, Associate, Association, Astute, Attentive, Attitude, Audition, Awareness
B)Balance, Basics, Behavior, Benefits, Building, Bureaucracy, Business
C)Capability, Career, Chemistry, Choice, Circulation, Classified, Collaboration, Collaborative, Collegiality, Communication, Community, Comparable, Compensation, Compliance, Confidence, Confusion, Conscientiousness, Constant, Construction, Contacts, Contribution, Cordiality, Creative, Credibility, Credit, Critic, Cultural, Curiosity, Customer
D)Daily, Deadline, Debate, Degree, Demonstrate, Department, Design, Development, Devote, Dexterity, Diagnosis, Diploma, Diplomacy, Direction, Discipline, Discussion, Disposition, Dispute, Distribution
E)Eagerness, Ease, Economics, Edit, Education, Effective, Effort, Element, Eligible, Empathetic, Employee, Employer, Endurance, Energy, Ensure, Enthusiasm, Entrepreneur, Establish, Ethics, Etiquette, Excel, Expenses, Experience
F)Facilitate, Fair, Finance, Firing, Flexibility, Focus, Foundation
G)Generous, Genuine, Goal, Gossip, Graduation, Growth, Guideline
H)Handle, Hands-on, Headhunter, Helpful, Hindsight, Hiring, Hobby, Hospitable, Hours, Housing
I)Ideal, Ideas, Immediate, Impact, Imperil, Impression, Impropriety, Improvement, Independent, Industrious, Informative, Infringement, Initiation, Initiative, Input, Inquiry, Inquisitive, Inspiration, Instinctive, Insurance, Integrity, Intelligence, Intense, Intention, Interests, Interpret, Interview, Inventory, Investment
J)Job, Jocular, Judicious, Just
L)Laud, Learning, Lender, Library, Listening, Litigation, Loyalty
M)Management, Manager, Manner, Marketing, Membership, Mentor, Model, Monetary, Motivation
N)Name, Negotiate, Network, Notoriety, Numerous
O)Objective, Obvious, Offer, Operations, Opinion, Opportunity, Optimistic, Organization, Outsourcing, Ownership
P)Passionate, Patience, Payroll, Persistence, Personality, Pleasant, Pleasing, Policy, Politics, Positive, Possibilities, Potential, Practical, Practice, Praise, Presentation, Privacy, Proactive, Problem, Problem solving, Production, Profession, Promotion, Prospective, Protection, Purchasing, Purpose
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest, Question, Quick, Quintessential, Quirk
R)Rapport, Recommendation, Recruit, Reflection, Relationship, Relevancy, Reliability, Relocation, Research, Resolution, Resources, Respect, Responsibility, Responsive, Resume, Review, Reward, Risk, Role, Routine
S)Salary, Sales, Salesmanship, Schedule, Scholarly, Secretarial, Security, Select, Sensitivity, Serious, Service, Services, Severance, Simultaneous, Skill, Skillful, Socialize, Spontaneity, Staff, Steer, Stigma, Strategy, Strength, Struggle, Study, Subscribe, Successful, Suitable, Support, Supportive, Survey
T)Take charge, Tardy, Time, Timely, Timing, Training, Transferable skill, Treatment, Trend
U)Ultimate, Uncommon, Understanding, Unique, Unison, Unite, Unqualified, Upside
V)Velocity, Vest, Vested, Veteran
W)Worry, Worthwhile, Worthy
Z)Zeal, Zone
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Some qualities of a good business hire:
1. Dedicated and reliable individuals
2. A person who arrives on time
3. A worker who is very careful or precise
4. Men and women who are honest and have integrity
5. A person who takes pride in his or her job
6. Someone confident and organized
7. An organized person
8. A worker who is willing to put in long hours to complete a job correctly
9. Someone loyal to the company
10. A person with experience
11. Men and women who are mature

CAREER CHOICES WORD LIST for degree and non-degree individuals, including trade, transportation and utilities. List includes both white and blue-collar careers or jobs
Accounting, aerospace, agent, architecture, assembly line, automotive, banker, beautician, biochemistry, biotechnology, bookkeeper, brokerage, business, carpentry, chiropractic, composer, computers, construction, contractor, counselor, criminal justice, curator, dental professional, designer, diplomacy, education, elevator repair, engineering, entrepreneur, farmer, fashion, fire-protection, fisherman, food manufacturing, geology, government, health care, high tech, human resources, import/export, health science, home furnishings, homemaker, insurance, investor, jeweler, laborer, lawyer, library science, lumberjack, maintenance, marketing, medicine, military, newscaster, nurse, officials, optician, owners, physician, pilot, psychologist, public administration, real estate agent, retail, sales, social worker, software, taxation, teacher, technical classes, textiles, therapist, trader, transportation, toy design, venture capitalism, veterinarian, wholesale industry, wine-making, woodworking, zoologist offers more than 610 word lists. To see more Job Attributes, Finance and Business word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive and printable vocabulary worksheets, word puzzles and themed content with Latin roots that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.