Bull Riding Vocabulary Word List (237)

A)Ability, Accolade, Activity, Amateur, Animals, Anticipate, Arena, Awesome
B)Balance, Balk, Bareback, Belt buckle, Berserk, Best, Blur, Bone-jarring, Bones, Boots, Braid, Brazilian, Break, Breed, Buck, Bucking bull, Buckle, Bull, Bull riding, Busted
C)Centered, Ceremony, Certainty, Chambray shirt, Champion, Championship, Chance, Chances, Chaps, Cheering, Chute, Circuit, Clowns, Compete, Competition, Competitor, Concession, Concussion, Contender, Contractor, Control, Corkscrew, Corral, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Crowds, Crown
D)Dangerous, Defiance, Denim, Determination, Difficulty, Dirt, Display, Distraction, Doctor, Domination, Draw, Driven, Drop
E)Earnings, Edge, Emerge, Enclosure, Energetic, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Event, Excel, Experience, Exuberant
F)Fairgrounds, Fall, Fatal, Fear, Finals, Finery, Finesse, Fitness, Fray, Fringed shirt
G)Gate, Gloves, Gore
H)Handle, Haphazard, Hats, Hazard, Healing, Historic, Hooves, Horns, Horse, Horseman
I)Infraction, Injury, Instinct
J)Job, Joy, Judge, Judgment, Jump on
L)Lead, Leather, Lethal, Livestock, Loss, Luck, Lumps, Lunge
M)Mammal, Masses, Memorable, Mingle, Miserable, Mistreatment, Motion, Movement, Muscles
N)Nasty, National Finals, Nuance, Numbers
O)Odds, Odor, Onlooker, Opportunity, Outdoors, Ovation
P)PBR, Penalty, Performance, Physician, Pleasure, Points, Position, Practice, Preparation, Prize, Prize money, Problem, Professional, Protection
Q)Quest, Quiver
R)Ranch, Reaction, Recognition, Register, Renown, Retirement, Rewards, Ride, Rider, Risk, Rope, Routine
S)Sawdust, Score, Scuffed, Season, Sellout, Sequence, Sidelined, Sight, Skill, Snagged, Sound, Spectators, Spin, Spurs, Squander, Stall, Stamina, Standing, Star, Steer, Stetson, Strategy, Strength, Stride, Stunt, Style, Surgery, Suspense
T)Tack, Talent, Thrown, Thwart, Tickets, Time, Timing, Title, Tough, Toughness, Tour, Training, Trample, Travel, Trial, Triumph, Trucking, Tumble
U)Ultimate, Underfoot, Unleash, Unpredictable
V)Vault, Version, Veterinarian, Vie, Violent
W)Warning, Wary, Win, Winner, Wise, World, World Finals of the Professional Bull Riders, Wound, Wrangler, Wrap, Wrestle
Y)Yearn, Yells, Youth
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Bull Riding (PBR) World Champs Word List:
1994: A. Moraes
1995: T. Hedeman
1996: O. Washburn
1997: M. Gaffney
1998: T. Dunn
1999: C. Hart
2000: C. Shivers
2001: A. Moreas
2002: Ednei Caminhas
2003: C. Shivers
2004: M. Lee
2005: J. McBride
2006: A. Moreas
2007: J. McBride
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