Bridge Vocabulary Word List (151)

A)Above the line, ACBL (American Contract Bridge Association), Aces, Advanced, Afternoon, Ages, Alert, Auction
B)Balanced hand, Bid, Bidding, Bidding box, Biritch, Blackwood, Board, Books, Bridge, Bump
C)Calls, Cards, Casual, Championships, Charles Goren, Classes, Clockwise, Clubs, Communicate, Compete, Complexity, Contract, Contract bridge, Convention, Cook and Deal
D)Deal, Deck, Declare, Defend, Direction, Director, Distribution, Double, Dummy, Dummy, Duplicate
E)East, Evening, Expert
F)Fifty-two cards, Finesse, Finish, Four, Friends
G)Game, Go down, Grand slam, Groups
H)Hand, Hearts, High
I)Individuals, Instructor, Intermediate, International, Irregularity
J)Jack, Jacoby Transfer, Jump shift
K)Keep score, King
L)Lead, Learning, Length, Lessons, Life Master, Long suit
M)Major, Master points, Men, Mental, Millions, Mind sport, Minor, Morning
N)National, No trump, North, Novice, Nuisance bid
O)Odd tricks, Online, Opening, Organization, Overbid, Overtrick
P)Pack, Partner, Partnership, Pass, Penalty points, Play, Players, Points, Popularity, Preempts, Premise
Q)Quantity, Queen
R)Re-deal, Reading, Rebid, Redouble, Regions, Round, Rubber, Rubber bridge, Ruffing, Rules, Russian Whist
S)Score, Screen, Seniors, Session, Shuffle, Signal, Six tricks, Skillful, Small slam, South, Spades, Stayman, Strength, Suits, System
T)Tables, Teacher, Thirteen, Tournament, Trick-taking, Tricks, Trump
U)Undertake, Undertrick
V)Value, Void, Vulnerable
W)WBF (World Bridge Federation), West, Whist, Win, Women
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