Boxing Vocabulary Word List (258)

A)AAU (Amateur Athletic Union), Adopt, Advantages, Affect, Amateur, Area, Arena, Artistry, Athlete, Attention, Awareness
B)Bag, Bandages, Bantamweight, Bar, Basic, Basic stance, Bell, Belt, Block, Blows, Body, Born to, Bout, Boxing, Bruise, Brutal
C)Cardiovascular, Caution, Celebrate, Certified, Championship, Check, Cheering, Children, Chin, Class, Clinch, Clubs, Combination, Commit, Compete, Competition, Competitor, Consequence, Corner, Count, Cross
D)Damage, Dance, Decision, Dedication, Defend, Defense, Delicate, Deliver, Depression, Determined, Discipline, Discouraging, Dislocation, Dismal, Display, Disqualification, Division, Dodge, Draw, Drive, Ducking, Duration
E)Effect, Elbow, Energy, Entertainment, Equipment, Event, Exercises, Exhaustion, Expand
F)Failure, Featherweight, Feint, Fighter, Fighting, Fist, Fitness, Focus, Footwork, Forearm, Foul, Funds
G)Gate, Give up, Gloves, Golden Gloves, Gym
H)Hands, Hard work, Harmful, Harmless, Haymaker, Heat, Heavyweight, Helmet, Highlight, Hit, Hook, Hours
I)Illegal, Impressive, Inflict, Injuries, International
J)Jabs, Join, Judge
K)Kick, Kids, Knock down, Knock out, Knuckles, KO
L)Learning, Leather, Left-handed, Legal, Level, Loss, Lunge
M)Main event, Manager, Mandatory eight-count, Manifestation, Mark, Mastery, Match, Maximum, Medical treatment, Men, Mentor, Middleweight, Minimum, Motion, Mouthpiece, Movement
N)Neutral corner, Novice
O)Obstacles, Offense, Official, On the ropes, Opening, Opponent
P)Pain, Painful, Parry, Partner, Pay, Penalty, Performance, Perspiration, Physician, Points, Popularity, Post, Powerful, Preliminary, Press, Prizefighter, Professional, Professional, Promoter, Protection, Punch, Purse, Pushing
R)Recovery, Referee, Regulation, Rest, Retirement, Right-handed, Ring, Roadwork, Roped-off, Ropes, Round one, Rounds, Rule
S)Safety, Score, Seconds, Serious, Shadowbox, Showmanship, Size, Skill, Skillful, Skip rope, Slipping, Space, Sparring, Spectator, Split, Sport, Spot, Staff, Stance, Start, Story, Straight right, Strategy, Strength, Strong, Struggle, Student, Stun, Style, Success, Sweat, Swing, System
T)Teacher, Technical, Technique, Thrive, Ticket receipt, Timekeeper, Timing, Title, Title belt, TKO, Touch, Tournament, Trainer, Training, Treadmill, Trunks
U)Unanimous, Unconscious, Uppercut, Upset
V)Vaseline, Victory, Violation, Violent
W)Walkover, Wallop, Warning, Weave, Weight training, Well-matched, Welterweight, Win, Women
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