Bless Me, Ultima Vocabulary Word List (43)

A)Admonish = to seriously reprove a behavior or warn of a fault, Adobe = baked bricks, Avail = to help or benefit to reach a goal: use
B)Blasphemy = something said or done profanely, Bravado = false courage, Brunt = main force of a blow
C)Churning = agitating or moving quickly, Composure = calmness, Contorted = twisted in an unusual shape, Cuckold = man with an unfaithful wife
D)Desecrated = violating something sacred or respected, Disquietude= lack of peace or tranquility or unrest, Drone = an monotonous sound
E)Eddies = whirlpools in a stream, Exuberant = joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic
F)Flagellation = whipping as a punishment, Forage = food for animals by browsing or grazing and also a search for provisions, Foreboding= an omen or prediction and a sense of doom, Forsake = to abandon or give up something
G)Glint = a flash: sparkle, Grotto = action considered immoral
H)Hobble = impede horses legs by tying them and to move unsteadily, Horde = big group or crowd
I)Impending= ready to occur or happen, Interminable = endless and esp. wearisomely dragged out
M)Melee = confused fight or struggle, Mortal = capable of causing death: deadly and unpardonable, Mote= a tiny speck
O)Obscure = not well known and dim or gloomy
P)Penance = a religious sacrament and a punishment or atoning for sins, Perdition = damnation, Posole = spicy Mexican dish
Q)Quiver = move with trembling movements
R)Resolution = a solution to a problem
S)Shirk = avoid or evade an obligation, Stagnant = water or air that with movement or flow, Stoic = appearing to be unaffected by emotional pain or pleasure, Subside = sink to the bottom and to settle down
T)Tenaciously = stubbornly or persistently, Torment = anguish: intense suffering, Transfixed = held motionless in amazement or awe etc.
V)Vagabond = a wanderer without a fixed home and/or a tramp
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