Black History Vocabulary Word List (218)

A)Abilities, Abolition, Acceptance, Accomplishment, Achievement, Activism, Adjustment, Advocate, Africa, African-American, Amistad, Art, Artifact, Athletic, Attempt, Authority, Awareness
B)Background, Battles, Bias, Birth, Black, Black history, Blame, Blues, Busing
C)Catfish, Cause, Celebration, Change, Character, Civil, Civil rights, Civilian, Clash, Collards, Collection, Colored, Community, Conditions, Contribution, Counter, Crisis, Culture
D)Dancing, Decades, Dedication, Demonstration, Denial, Difference, Discipline, Discovery, Discrimination, Disperse, Distinct, Diversity, Dixie, Douglas-Frederick
E)Economy, Education, Emancipation, Emancipation Proclamation, Emphasis, Empower, Enrich, Entertainment, Equality, Exclusion, Explosive
F)Facility, Failure, Fair, Force, Freedom
G)Genealogy, Genuine, Gifts
H)Habit, Halt, Harmony, Harriet, Heritage, Highlight, Historical, History, Hope, Housing, Humor
I)Important, Inclusive, Indentured, Indigenous, Inequality, Infrastructure, Inhumane, Injury, Injustice, Inspire, Integration, Integrity, Interpretation, Interweave, Invention, Inventor
J)Jazz, Joy, Justice
K)Klu Klux Klan
L)Laborer, Laughter, Leader, Legacy, Liberty, Lincoln-Abraham, Little Rock, Local
M)Maintain, March, Memory, Milestones, Motion, Movement, Music, Musician
N)NAACP, Negro, Neighborhood, Nemesis, Non-violence, Northerner
O)Obstacles, Opportunity, Oppression, Oral history, Organize, Outstanding, Overcome, Overwhelm
P)Past, Peace, Period, Ports, Poverty, Preach, Preacher, Prejudice, Prevent, Pride, Problems, Program, Public
Q)Queries, Quest
R)Race, Racism, Rebellion, Refuse, Relevant, Requirement, Research, Restriction, Rhythm, Rights, Riot, Roots
S)Schooner, Segregation, Significance, Singing, Sit-in, Skid-row, Slave trade, Slavery, Slaves, Society, Song, Soul, Southern, Southerner, Spanning, Spiritual, Status, Stereotype, Stigma, Storyteller, Stride, Strong, Struggle, Symbol
T)Talent, Terror, Tolerance, Torture, Trace, Tradition, Treatment, Tremble, Trials, Triumph, Tubman, Tuskagee airmen
V)View, Vigor, Violence, Voting, Vow
W)Washintong-Booker T., Welfare, Whites, Wisdom, Worship, Worthy
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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Inventions created by black inventors:
Fire extinguisher, gas mask, stop light
Some well-known figures:
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Maya Angelou, Betty Shabazz, Barack Obama, Charlie Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Robinson, John Coltrane, Luther King, Jr., Mahalia Jackson, Martin Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey

Black Porters created a legacy in travel by Pullman train. Hours were long, the pay was minimal and men worked hard to satisfy passengers. Uniforms consisted of a white jacket, visor hat and a black tie. These men formed the first black labor union in 1925. Estimates indicate that their group of African-Americans may have numbered 20,000. By 1970, Pullman porters had ceased to exist.
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