Birthdays Vocabulary Word List (226)

A)Acclaim, Action, Activities, Admiration, Amusement, Anniversary, Appreciation, Attachments, Awareness, Awesome
B)Ball game, Banners, Blessings, Bouquets, Breathtaking
C)Celebrate, Celebration, Chant, Charming, Clamor, Colorful, Commemorate, Commercial, Common, Communication, Community, Companionship, Confetti, Cooperation, Coordinate, Costume, Culinary
D)Dazzling, Declaration, Decoration, Delightful, Dessert, Devotion, Drinking
E)Ebullient, Elaborate, Embellishment, Emotional, En masse, Encounter, Endure, Energy, Entertainment, Event, Exchange, Expectations, Eye-raising
F)Fabulous, Fair, Family, Fanciful, Fascination, Feast, Feelings, Ferris Wheel, Festive, Flavor, Focus, Food, Foolishness, Friendships, Frivolity, Fun
G)Games, Gatherings, Gifts, Glitter, Grandeur, Group
H)Habitual, Haste, Heritage, Home, Hooray, Hope(s), Hospitality, Hotel
I)Ideal(s), Illusion, Imagination, Imitate, Importance, Impressive, Indulgence, Influence, Informative, Insight, Integral, Involvement
J)Jeans, Join, Jokes, Joy, Joyful, Joyous, Juggle
K)Keen, Kin, Kindness, Kitsch
L)Laughter, Locale, Love, Loyalty
M)Magical, Major, Memories, Merriment, Merrymaking, Minor, Money, Music, Musical, Mutual
N)Native, Neat, Nibble, Nocturnal, Notice
O)Occasion, Official, Opportunities, Opportunity, Outdoors, Overwhelming
P)Paper-mache, Parade, Parents, Participation, Party, Passionate, Perennial, Photography, Picnic, Play, Popular, Presentation, Preservation, Pride, Prizes, Punch
Q)Quaint, Quality, Quantity, Queen, Quick, Quiet
R)Recreation, Refreshment, Rejoice, Relatives, Relaxation, Reputable, Responsibility, Restaurant, Restful, Reveal, Revelation, Ritual
S)Scene, Sharing, Shindig, Show, Shrieking, Sibling, Smiles, Solemn, Souvenir, Sparkle, Special, Spectacle, Spirit, Sports, Stars, Storyteller, Streamers, Stunning, Support, Surprise, Symbol, Symbolism
T)Target, Tea, Territory, Theater, Tickets, Toasting, Tradition, Tribute
U)Unaware, Unbelievable, Union, Unique, Unite, Unity, Universal
V)Valuable, Values, Variety, Vendor, Versatile, Vibrant, Vigilance, Vital, Vivacious
W)Wallet, Wardrobe, Watch, Welcome, Welfare, Widespread, Willingness, Wisdom, Worldwide
Y)Yearly, Yearn, Yelling, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zest
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Birthday Word List includes the following:
Aquarius - Curious, Outgoing, Independent
Pisces - Artistic, Emotional, Sensitive
Virgo - Modest, Practical, Tidy
Libra - Companionable, Diplomatic, Pleasant
Scorpio - Secretive, Intense, Passionate
Sagittarius - Cheerful, Generous, Restless
Capricorn - Ambitious, Cautious, Practical

Birthday Food possibilities:
(27 words) If you have suggestions. please email
apple pie
barbecue, beans, beer
cake, chicken, chips, coleslaw, cookies
deviled eggs, dip
hamburgers, hot dogs
ice cream, ice-tea
pasta salad, pies, pop, Popsicles, potato salad
salsa, seafood, soda, steaks
vegetables, vendors

Birthday Gifts Word List: Presents might include:
appliance, books, cards, clothes, concert tickets, corsage, dinner, drawings, food, frames, games, jewelry, lunch treat, music, necklace, pets (!), photos, pictures, purse, subscriptions, tapes, tickets, trip, watches

Birthday Decorations Word List might include:
balloons, bows, cake, cookies, drawings, favors, games, gift bags, gift wrap, invitations, party hats, pictures, pinata, signs, streamers, table cloth, themed events offers more than 665 word lists. To see other vocabulary word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.