Birds: collective nouns Vocabulary Word List (70)

B)Bevy of swans, Brood of hens, Building of rooks
C)Cast of hawks, Charm of finches, Clutch of eggs, Clutter of starlings, Company of parrots, Congregation of plovers, Convocation of eagles, Cover of coots, Covey of partridges
D)Death row of turkeys, Deceit of lapwings, Descent of woodpeckers, Dissimulation of birds, Dropping of pigeons, Drumming of grouse, Dule of doves, Durante of toucans
E)Exaltation of larks, Extinction of dodobirds
F)Fall of woodcock, Flight of goshawks
G)Gaggle of geese, Gatling of woodpeckers, Glister of goldfinches, Gulp of comorants
H)Herd of cranes, Herd of curlews, Herd of wrens, Host of sparrows
I)Improbability of puffins
J)Jubilee of eagles
L)Lease of merlins
M)Murder of crows, Murmuration of starlings, Mustering of storks, Mutation of thrushes
N)Nye of pheasants
O)Ostentation of peacocks
P)Paddling of ducks in water, Parade of penguins, Parliament of owls, Party of jays, Peep of chickens, Prattle of parrots
R)Radiance of cardinals, Rafter of turkeys, Rookery of albatross
S)Shimmer of hummingbirds, Siege of bitterns, Siege of herons, Skein of geese in flight, Sorde of mallards, Squabble of gulls, Stand of flamingos, Swoop of swallows
T)Team of ducks in flight, Tidings of magpies, Time-step of sandpipers, True love of turtledoves
U)Unkindness of ravens
W)Wake of vultures, Walk of snipes, Watch of nightingales, Watchers of seabirds, Wedge of swans, Wobble of ostriches
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