Bears Vocabulary Word List (179)

A)Access, Acorns, Adaptation, Adult, Aggression, Alaska, American black bear, Animal, Appearance, April, Arctic
B)Bass, Battle, Beast, Bees, Berries, Birds, Bite, Black, Boundary, Brown
C)Carcass, Carrion, Cavity, Chase, Chill, Chow, Clams, Class, Classification, Claws, Climbing, Coexist, Cold, Competition, Congregate, Consumption, Continent, Cubs, Cull
D)Dancing, Dangerous, Deadly, Defecate, Den, Die, Diet, Dig up, Domination
E)Eating, Emerge, Enemy, Environment, Estuary, Explore
F)Face, Fearless, Female, Fend off, Fight off, Fishing, Frost, Fur, Fuzzy
G)Gestation, Grizzly, Ground
H)Habitat, Height, Hibernate, Hunger, Hunt
I)Illness, Inbreeding, Inhabit, Insects, Intake, Interact
K)Kill, Kodiak
L)Lakes, Legume, Length, Lifespan, Litter, Long-living, Longevity
M)Males, Mammal, Mate, Maul, May, Meadow, Migrate, Milk, Mountain, Movement
N)Nap, Nature, Navigate, Newborns, Nutrients
O)Observation, Offspring, Omnivore, Overturn
P)Pack, Patience, Peril, Photograph, Plants, Plenty, Polar, Pollution, Ponds, Population, Pounce, Predatory, Prey
Q)Quest, Quick
R)Range, Re-population, Recovery, Region, Relationship, Removal, Reproduction, Restoration, Rivers, Roam, Run
S)Salmon, Salmon spawn, Scarcity, Scavenger, Scraps, Seals, Seasonal, Sedges, Sheen, Shoot, Sick, Size, Slope, Solitary, Sow, Star, Starvation, Stream, Summer, Survival
T)Target, Teeth-baring, Terrain, Territory, Threat, Threaten, Time, Trees, Trophy hunting, Trout, Turn tail
U)U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ursus
W)Walk, Watching, Water, Weather, Weight, Wilderness, Winter, Wolves
Y)Yawning, Years, Young
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