Ballet Vocabulary Word List (202)

A)Absorbed, Acclaim, Accompaniment, Actual, Adagio, Allegro, Amateur, Angelic, Anniversary, Annual, Applause, Arabesque, Arrangement, Art, Artistic, Artistry, Astonish, Athletic, Atmosphere, Attention, Attitude, Audience, Authentic
B)Balance, Ballerina, Barre, Beauty, Bending, Bravo!, Brilliant
C)Career, Celebration, Center work, Challenging, Character, Choreography, Classical, Collaborate, Commission, Company, Competition, Composer, Conception, Contemporary, Corps, Costumes, Craft, Creation, Creativity
D)Dance, Dancers, Dazzle, Dedication, Delicate, Demonstrate, Depth, Difficulty, Director, Display, Divertissement, Dramatic, Dreamlike, Dress-up, Dynamic
E)Effort, Emotional, En pointe, Endurance, Energetic, Entertainment, Exercise, Exhaustion, Expansive, Experience, Expressive
F)Fabric, Festival, Flexibility, Float, Fluid
G)Gesture, Glide, Glissade, Graceful, Grandeur
H)Habit, Harmony, Heritage, Highlight, History, Honor
I)Imagery, Imaginative, Individual, Influence, Instruction, Intensity, International, Involvement
J)Jet´┐Ż, Joy
L)Leap, Leotard, Lessons, Lift, Lithe, Lyricism
M)Members, Mental, Mentor, Mood, Movement, Muscles, Music, Musical
O)On stage, Orchestra, Original, Ovation, Overhead
P)Partner, Partnering, Pas de deux, Performance, Performer, Phrases, Piano, Pirouette, Playwright, Poetic, Pose, Positions, Practice, Premiere, Principal, Production, Professional, Protege
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quick
R)Reception, Rehearsal, Repertoire, Repertory, Respect, Review, Rhythm, Rigor, Role
S)Scenery, Series, Sewing, Showy, Sinuous, Skill, Smooth, Solo, Space, Spectacle, Spin, Stage, Star, Story, Strain, Strenuous, Stretching, Studio, Style, Supple
T)Talent, Teacher, Teaching, Teamwork, Technique, Theater, Toe, Torso, Tour, Traditional, Training, Travel, Tribute, Troupe, Turnout, Tutu
U)Unique, Universal, Unnatural position, Unveil
V)Variation, Versatile, Version, Vital
W)Wardrobe, Whimsical, Wings, Workroom
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Ballet information:

1. Teachers suggest the best age to begin ballet lessons is from 8-10 years of age.
2. A committed student who plans for a professional dancing career may take 3-6 lessons a week by age 12!
3. Sought after characteristics for a ballet dancer include long arms and legs, a long neck and a body that is thin and flexible.
4. Generally, ballet dancers have a short career and retire by age 45. offers more than 650 word lists. To see Dance and Music vocabulary word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees.