Autumn Vocabulary Word List (139)

A)Acorn, Activity, Anniversary, Apples, Autumnal Equinox
B)Back-to-school, Bales, Baseball, Beauty, Between, Birthdays, Blaze, Bounty, Burning
C)Change, Chestnuts, Chilly, Choice, Cider, Climate, Clothing, Colds, College, Color, Colorful, Columbus Day, Competition, Cool, Corn, County fair, Cranberries, Crops
D)Deciduous, Decorations
E)Education, Election, Equinox
F)Fair, Fall, Falling leaves, Family, Festival, Field hockey, Fires, Flu, Football, Foray, Freezing, Friends, Frost
G)Game, Golf, Gourds, Grasshopper, Gymnastics
H)Habits, Halloween, Harvest, Harvest Moon, Health, Heat, Heater, Hiking, Hockey, Horse racing, Hurricanes
I)Indian summer, Influenza
J)Jam, Jockey
L)Late, Leaves, Logs
M)Maize, Migration, Months
N)Nature, November, Nuts
O)October, Open house, Orchard, Outside
P)Parties, Persimmons, Picnic, Pine cones, Planning, Playground, Pre-winter, Pumpkins
Q)Quarterback, Quilts
R)Raincoats, Raking, Rally, Recreation, Reunion, Rituals
S)Scarecrows, Scenery, Scenic, School, Season, Seasonal, September, Sleet, Snap, Snuggle. soccer, Squirrels, Storms, Straw, Studies, Summer, Supply
T)Tailgates, Teaching, Temperature, Tennis, Thanksgiving, Tourism, Tournament, Travel, Trick or treat, Turkey
V)Variety, Voting
W)Warm, Weather, Weather, Weddings, Weekend, Winter, Woolens, World Series
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Trees word list where Autumn leaves change color include:
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