Auto Racing Vocabulary Word List (340)

A)Ability, Absentee, Acceleration, Accident, Accolade, Action, Adaptive, Adjustment, Advantage, Aerodynamic, Aggressive, Airfoil, All-wheel drive, Amateur, Ambitious, Attendance, Authority, Automatic, Automobile, Award, Axle
B)Back-up, Bank, Berth, Bonneville Salt Flats, Bonus, Braking
C)Caution, Challenge, Champion, Championship, Chassis, Cheating, Checkered flag, Clearance, Cockpit, Collision, Collusion, Combination, Combustion, Competition, Concentration, Consecutive, Construction, Consumption, Contingency, Control, Courage, Courageous, Course, Crawl, Creep, Crew, Crowd, Curves, Cylinder
D)Dangerous, Data, Daytona, Debut, Deceleration, Deduction, Defending, Design, Despondent, Destroy, Determination, Development, Die-hard, Digital, Dimension, Discontinue, Display, Disqualified, Distance, Dock, Document, Domination, Draft, Dragster, Drama, Drivable, Duel, Dynamic, Dynasty
E)Eager, Earnest, Emerging, Engine, Enhancement, Entertainment, Enthusiasm, Entry, Equipment, Ergonomic, Error, Estimation, Euphoria, Evasive, Event, Excitement, Exhaust, Expectation, Exposure, Expulsion, Exultation
F)Famous, Fans, Fast, Feature, Fee, Fender, Fine, Finish, Flag, Flexibility, Formidable, Formula, Framework, Frenzy, Friction, Front-row, Front-runner, Fuel, Fulfill, Fuselage
G)Gauge, Gear, Gear box, Gear head, Grand-Prix, Grandstand, Grid, Grit
H)Halt, Handle, Hazard, Helmet, High-speed, Horsepower, Hub, Hydraulic
I)Ignition, Image, Improvement, Increase, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Industry, Influx, Infraction, Injection, Inspection, Instinctive, Instrumentation, Integrity, International
J)Jack-of-all-trades, Jalopy, Joint, Jostle, Joy, Judge, Judgment
K)Keyless, Kilometer (km), Kismet
L)Lap, Legendary, Legion, Length, License, Lightness, Lightweight, Limit, Linchpin, Lineup, Lubricate
M)Major, Management, Manifold, Manufacture, Margin, Mechanic, Melee, Minor, Monaco, Mph
N)Noise, Nominal, Noticeable
O)Obstacle, Octane, Odds, Offense, Offensive, Option, Oval track, Overall, Overexposure, Overhaul, Overshoot, Overturn, Owner
P)Passing, Performance, Piston, Pit, Placement, Points, Pole, Popularity, Position, Positive, Power, Powerful, Precedent, Presence, Pressure, Process, Professional, Promote, Prototype
Q)Qualifications, Qualify, Quandary, Quantity, Quarter-mile, Quick
R)Race, Rally, Ranking, Ratio, Re-fuel, Reaction, Reckless, Repair, Requirement, Response, Retardant, Revolution, Revving, Reward, Rigorous, Road race, Roadway, Rocket-power, Roll bars, Rookie, Rotary, Routine, Runner-up
S)Safety, Satisfaction, Scandal, Schedule, Scouting, Season, Secure, Security, Sequence, Sequential, Service, Shift, Significant, Sizzle, Skill, Sleek, Souped-up, Specifications, Spectators, Speed, Speedway, Spoiler, Sponsor, Sponsorship, Sports-car, Spot, Spotlight, Squander, Stability, Standing, Start, Strategy, Stripped, Style, Suspension
T)Talent, Tank, Teamwork, Technology, Tenacity, Tension, Test, Throttle, Tickets, Tire, Torque, Touring, Track races, Traction, Transmission, Trend, Trial, Tribute, Triumph, Turbo-charged, Type
U)Ultimate, Unique, Unsafe, Unusual, Unwise
V)V-8, Vaporize, Variety, Various, Vehicle, Velocity, Vent, Victorious, Victory, Viewer, Violation, Visualize
W)Wall, Weight, Weld, Whip around, Wind resistance, Windshield, Wings, Winner, Withhold, Wreck
Y)Yellow flag, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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Auto Racing Lesson Plans, information and discussion ideas:
1. Write a report or essay with illustrations of one or more of the following contemporary drivers: examples - Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Stewart etc.

2. Write a report or essay with illustrations of one or more of the following legends of the past like Bobby Allison, Sam Hornish, A.J. Hoyt, Richard Petty, Ricky Rudd, Gale Yarborough etc. offers more than 660 word lists. To see Auto Racing, NASCAR, Competition and Sports vocabulary lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees.