Antarctica Vocabulary Word List (154)

A)Activity, Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, Adventure, Antarctic, Array, Austral
B)Bay, Behold, Birds, Bountiful, Breach, Breathtaking
C)Charter, Chunks, Claim, Cloud banks, Clouds, Cold, Colony, Conditions, Conservation, Continent, Countless, Countless, Cove, Craggy, Crater, Cruise
D)Desolate, Destination, Disturbance. ashore
E)Environment, Ernest Shackleton, Excursion, Expedition, Experience, Exploration
F)Features, Feeding, Fin, Flight, Flocks, Flourish, Formations, Fragile, Frigid
G)Geography, Geologist, Glaciers, Glimmer, Grinding
H)Habitat, Harbor, Harsh, Humpback, Hunter
I)Ice, Ice station, Ice-cap, Ice-scape, Iceberg, IGY, Interior, International, Islands, Itinerary
J)Journey, Jutting
L)Lake, Land, Lava, Lifeless
M)Mass, Melt, Merge, Migration, Minerals, Minke, Mountains, Movement
N)Nations, Natural, Naturalist, Nature, Nesting
O)Observe, Outpost
P)Passage, Penguins, Peninsula, Perish, Plankton, Pole, Pristine, Protection
R)Rage, Region, Regulations, Research, Resources, Ridge climate, Roam, Robert Falcon Scott, Rock, Rocky, Ronald Amundsen, Rookeries
S)Salty, Sastrugi, Science, Scientific, Seabirds, Seals, Seas, Seaward, Shelter, Ship, Shore, Significance, Sky, South Pacific, South Pole, Sovereign, Species, Stretching, Sunrise, Surface, Swirl
T)Temperature, Terra incognita australis, Topography, Tower, Tractor
U)Unknown, Unreal, Unspoiled
V)Variety, View, Visitors, Volcanic, Voyage
W)Warm, Wasteland, Watch, Water, Weather, Whales, Wilderness, Wildlife, Winds
Z)Zeal, Zodiac, Zone
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