Amish Vocabulary Word List (328)

A)Acceptance, Adhere, Affect, Alone, Amish, Antimacassar, Approval, Apron, Association, Authority, Averse
B)Banns, Baptize, Barn, Batteries, Belief, Bible, Bishop, Blackout shades, Blend in, Bonds, Bonnets, Bow, Braided rugs, Brethren, Brim, Broad-brimmed black hat, Buckboard, Buggy, Buggy horses
C)Callus, Calm, Carpentry, Celery, Cherish, Chickens, Choice, Chores, Christian, Church, Clan, Clarity, Clothespins, Code, Community, Companionship, Compelling, Complex, Concern, Conditions, Confess, Congregation, Contact, Contribution, Conviction, Cornfield, Costume, Countenance, Courting, Craft, Culture
D)Dat, Deacon, Decision, Dedication, Defense, Deference, Deity, Dependence, Deviation, Devotion, Dialect, Diesel, Dietsch, Different, Dilemma, Disobedience, Disown, Drawers, Dress, Dress, Dutch, Duty, Dwelling
E)Effacing, Effect, Efficient, Eighth grade, Elders, Englischer, English, Entrust, Estranged, Everything, Excommunicate, Exist, Expectations, Experiment, Experimentation, External
F)Factors, Faith, Family, Farm stands, Farming, Fields, Fit in, Follow, Food, Forbidden, Forgiveness, Friendly, Friends
G)Gait, Garb, Garment, Gelassenheit, Generator, Generous, Gentle, Germanic, Goal, God, Granary, Groomed, Group, Guiding
H)Habit, Harvest, Head covering, Heart, Heartfelt, Help, Historical, History, Horses, Hospitality, Household, Human, Humble, Humility, Hymns
I)Identity, Ideology, Impact, Impervious, Inclusion, Influence, Influences, Infraction, Inherent, Insight, Insubordination, Insular, Intention, Internal, Intrinsic, Inverter, Isolation
J)Jesus, Journey, Joy, Justice
K)Kapp, Kerosene, Kinship
L)Labor, Lace, Language, Laundry line, Lessons, Life, Literal, Living, Long sleeves, Lord, Love
M)Mam, Manners, Meek, Meidung, Mild, Milking, Minister, Miracle, Misconception, Motherhood, Mules
N)Natural, Nature, Neat, Needs, Neighboring, Neighbors, Nonviolence, Nonviolent
O)Obedient, Odd, Oddity, Old-fashioned, Older, Ordnung, Others, Our way, Outhouse, Outsider, Overalls
P)Pacifist, Pacifist, Parental, Pasture, Path, Path, Peaceful, Peers, Pennsylvania, Perfection, Pins, Plain, Plain, Plow, Practical, Practical, Prayer, Prejudice, Primitive, Principles, Priority, Privacy, Procession, Propane
Q)Quaint, Quality, Quantity, Query, Quiet, Quilting
R)Recitation, Refrain, Reins, Relationships, Religion, Repent, Respect, Responsibility, Restriction, Restriction, Reverence, Right, Righteous, Ritual, Rules
S)Sameness, Sanctity, Schooling, Self-employed, Selfless, Serene, Services, Settled, Sharing, Shun, Shunned, Siblings, Side-by-side, Sign, Silage, Silence, Simple, Simplicity, Sincerity, Sober, Society, Spirit, Stamina, Stares, Straight-laced, Strange, Stringent, Style, Support, Suspenders, Sweet
T)Taxes, Temptation, Tethered, Third party, Threshing, Ties, Tobacco, Tourists, Traditional, Traits, Transgression, Tribute, Trotting, Trousers, Trust
U)Uncomfortable, Unfamiliar, Unforgiving, Unique, Universal, Unobtrusive, Unselfish, Upbringing, Used to, Useful, Utility
V)Valid, Value, Verses, Visitor
W)Warm, Warmth, Wary, Ways, Welcoming, Wide brimmed hat, Will, Work, Workday, World, Worry, Worship
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A few Amish characteristics:
The Amish do not drive cars or motor-driven tractors.
The Amish do not use telephones except for business.
They share almost identical "dress" and are recognizable as a group.
They are practical.
They work very hard.
They do what is necessary to do, with little to no complaining.
They do not call attention to themselves.
Family means everything.
They do not use electricity in their homes.
They live a simple, Christian life. offers more than 455 word lists. To see more vocabulary lists, please go to the home page for interactive word games, puzzles and themed content. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.