Alcohol Abuse Vocabulary Word List (254)

A)AA, Abuse, Acceptable, Accidents, Acquire, Actions, Addiction, Additive, Adhesive, Admonish, Affect, Afflicted, Aged, Agency, Al-Anon, Ala-teen, Alcoholic, Alcoholism, Alteration, Alternatives, Anxious, Arrest, Assault, Assistance, Attitude, Authority
B)Bar, Barley, Barley, Battery, Bearable, Behavior, Belligerent
C)Chaos, Charges, Chemicals, Chilled, Chronic, Cirrhosis, Citation, Classes, Complaint, Compulsion, Concern, Condition, Confusion, Consequences, Control, Convulse, Cope, Cordial, Corn, Court, Crack down, Crave, Criminal, Cure, Custody
D)Damage, Dangerous, Database, Deal with, Delirious, Dependence, Depressant, Depression, Develop, Disease, Dismissal, Disorder, Disorderly, Distill, Distillery, Dizzy, Drink, Drinking, Driving, Drowsy, Drug, Drunk, Drunk-in-public, Dry, DUI
E)Effects, Enable, Enabler, Enforcement, Entertainment, Euphoria, Excessive, Expense, Experience, Experiment
F)Failure, Fair, Federal, Fellowship, Feral alcohol syndrome, Ferment, Flavor, Forgetful, Fuel
G)Government, Grain, Grapes, Groups, Guilty
H)Habit, Hallucinate, Harmful, Headache, Hearing, Heavy, Help, Helpless, High, Hospitalization
I)Illness, Imbalance, Immediate, Improper, Inability, Indulge, Ineffective, Information, Informed, Ingredients, Intoxication, Involve, Issues
J)Jail, Judge, Judicial, Juice, Justice
L)Lacking, Lacquer, Lager, Law, Legal, Level, Liquor, Local
M)Malt, Management, Management, Manufacture, Mash, Meetings, Memory, Menthol, Mentor, Methadone, Mind-altering, Misuse, Mixture, Modification, Movement
N)Neat, Need, Need, Nervous system, Nightclub
O)Offender, Officer, On the rocks, Overdose, Overindulge
P)Paddy wagon, Performance, Physician, Police, Policy, Practice, Prevention, Privacy, Problems, Process, Programs, Prohibition, Prohibition, Proof, Proportion, Psychosis, Public
R)Re-addiction, Reaction, Recovery, Reform, Refrain, Regulation, Rehabilitation, Relax, Repeated, Report, Research, Responsibility, Responsible, Results, Reveal, Risk, Room temperature, Routine, Rye
S)Safety, Sale, Scrutiny, Seek, Serenity Prayer, Serious, Show off, Sick, Sober, Sobriety, Sociable, Solution, Solvent, Spirits, Still, Straight, Strict, Success, Sugar, Symptoms, System
T)Tank, Taste, Tax, Teenagers, Temperature, Test, Toast, Tolerance, Toxic, Treatment, Trembling, Trouble
U)Unauthorized, Underage, Understanding, Unfair, Urge
V)Vapors, Varnish, Vermouth, Victory, Violation, Violence, Vomit
W)Win, Withdrawal
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Distilled alcohol drinks: spirits, liquor = 40-50% ethyl alcohol This group includes brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey

Fermented alcoholic beverages = ale, beer, hard cider, sake, wine
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