Adjectives of Negative Feelings Vocabulary Word List (168)

A)Abandoned, Abused, Accused, Afraid, Aggravated, Aggressive, Angry, Anguished, Annoyed, Anxious, Apprehensive, Argumentative, Ashamed, Atrocious, Avoided, Awkward
B)Badgered, Banned, Beaten, Belittled, Berated, Betrayed, Bitter, Blamed, Bored, Bothered, Bullied, Bummed
C)Careless, Cheated, Clumsy, Coerced, Combative, Compared, Conflicted, Confronted, Confused, Convicted, Cornered, Crabby, Cranky, Creepy, Criticized, Crummy, Cut off, Cynical
D)Damaged, Dangerous, Dazed, Deceived, Defamed, Defiant, Deficient, Dejected, Demeaned, Depleted, Depressed, Deprived, Deserted, Desolate, Despairing, Desperate, Despicable, Despised, Detached, Detested, Devalued, Different, Disappointed, Disapproved of, Discarded, Disconnected, Discriminated against, Disdained, Disgraced, Disgusted, Disliked, Dismayed, Displeased, Disrespected, Dissatisfied, Distraught, Distressed, Doubted, Drained, Duped
E)Edgy, Embarrassed, Enraged, Excluded, Exploited
F)Fed up, Forced, Frightened, Frustrated, Furious
G)Glum, Grief-stricken, Grumpy
H)Harassed, Hassled, Hated, Haunted, Heartbroken, Hindered, Horrified, Humiliated, Hysterical
I)Ignorant, Imposed upon, Incapable, Incompetent, Ineffective, Inefficient
J)Jealous, Judged
K)Kept out
L)Labeled, Left out, Lied to, Lonely, Lost, Lousy
M)Mad, Miffed, Miserable, Mistaken, Mistrusted, Misunderstood, Mixed up, Moody
N)Nagged, Neurotic
O)Obligated, Obsessed, Offended, Ostracized, Overwhelmed
P)Pained, Panicked, Paranoid, Pessimistic, Petrified, Powerless, Pressured, Put down, Puzzling
R)Rejected, Resentful, Ridiculous, Rotten
S)Sad, Sarcastic, Scared, Selfish, Singled out, Spiteful, Stressed out, Stupid, Suffering, Suicidal
W)Worried, Worried
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