Abolition and Slavery Vocabulary Word List (139)

A)Abolition, Abolitionist, Actions, Activism, Advocate, American, Anti-slavery, Appeal, Authorities
B)Behavior, Beliefs, Blacks, Bondage, Borders
C)Capture, Civil War, Clotilde, Condemnation, Confederacy, Congress, Constitution, Cotton, Crime, Criminal, Crusader, Customs
D)Debates, Defense, Denunciation, Discrimination, Disgrace, Disruptions, Divisiveness, Doctrine, Domination, Douglass, Dredd Scott Decision
E)Economy, Efforts, Emancipation, Emancipation Proclamation, Enact, Ending, Ending, Equality, Exports, Extinction, Extremists
F)Feelings, Finances, Freedom, Freeing, Fuel, Fugitives
H)Harass, Hateful, History, Hostility, Humans
I)Independence, Influences, Injustice, Intolerant, Issues
J)Jefferson, John Brown, Justifications
L)Labor, Leadership, Legislation, Legitimize, Liberation, Liberty, Lincoln
M)Males, Manumission, Master, Minority, Mobs, Morality, Movement
N)Newspapers, Northern
O)Obstacle, Opponents, Organizations, Outrage
P)Pamphlets, Penalties, People, Plantations, Prejudice, Principles, Proclamation, Prohibit, Punishment
R)Racial, Ratification, Ratification, Rebellion, Reconstruction, Reform, Religion, Republicans, Rights
S)Safe houses, Sale, Schism, Secession, Secret, Segregation, Sell, Sin, Skills, Slavery, Social beliefs, Southern, States, Stowe, Struggles, Struggles, Subversion, Support
T)Thirteenth Amendment, Thousands, Tobacco, Tubman
U)Uncle Toms Cabin, Underground Railroad, Union
V)Values, Victims, Views, Violation, Violence
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