A Reaper at the Gates Vocabulary Word List (99)

A)Aloof, Antithetical, Archivists, Atavisic, Atone
B)Ballista, Benediction, Burgle
C)Cacophony, Caterwauling, Chivvies, Chuffing, Clarifies, Communiqu├ęs, Compulsion, Concentric, Conduit, Consummate, Crenellated, Cudgel
D)Decimated, Dirge, Dirk, Disabuses, Disparate, Dissipates
E)Eldritch, Enigmas, Ensconced, Estival, Evanesce, Extricates
F)Feral, Fletching, Flocculent, Folly, Fray Chafes, Fug
I)Ineffectual, Infuriatingly, Insouciance, Ire, Irrevocably
K)Ken, Korma
L)Labyrinth, Legionnaires, Lupine
M)Malleable, Manacles, Mugness, Mulish, Mundane
N)Nadir, Naught
O)Offal, Ophidian, Oud
P)Pallid, Parse, Perimeter, Phalanx, Piebald, Predations, Premonition, Prescient, Proffer, Projectiles, Pyres
R)Rancor, Reaving, Repugnant, Retinue, Reverberation, Rotunda
S)Sallow, Sibilant, Sigil, Siphoned, Skivvies, Soughs, Stalwart, Stevedores, Striations, Suffusing, Surriptitiously
T)Transgression, Truss
U)Ululating, Unassailable, Undulating, Usurper
V)Vestige, Viscera
W)Welter, Whinging, Woad
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Thank you, Maria Touet, Librarian at Pope John XXIII High School Everett, MA for being the teacher contributor at for a vocabulary word list for A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir.

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