• The Fill-in-the Blank puzzle is 1 of 8 vocabulary activities and word puzzles using Greek and Latin word roots with the same grade level words.
  • Use the word list to choose the correct word in context. Email your answers to friends, family and teachers.
  • For subject and calendar topics, refer to the Word List in the header to see the complete vocabulary word list for this topic.
  • Common Core alignment to a Fill-in-the-Blank puzzle is to the key phrase "Context".
    CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a
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    1) The Crucible Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    To solve the The Crucible vocabulary puzzle put a single answer in each fill-in-the-blanks. The correct vocabulary answers are in the The Crucible word list.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the correct answers, a sentence and percentage score from The Crucible fill-in-the-blanks word puzzle.
    The Crucible vocabulary puzzle includes 18 correct answers. In addition to this The Crucible Fill-in-the-blanks, also features a free Interactive Word Puzzle and Definition Match activity.
    You have permission to make a copy of The Crucible Fill-in-the-blanks activity at home or in classes.
    Vocabulary Word List:
    The Crucible vocabulary word list:
    Abrogate, Apparition, Autocrat, Conspiracy, Contentious, Credulous, Deposition, Dogmatic, Exalt, Hypocrite, Indigenous, Ingratiate, Innate, Orthodox, Predilection, Providence, Resurge, Vindictive

    The Crucible Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    1)  Julie promises to her lease promptly so that another tenant can occupy the house.
    2)  Jessica was startled by an that floated over the road until she realized it was simply a cloud!
    3)  Jeannie despises the who formulates restrictions according to his whims alone.
    4)  Once the police department got proof of their to commit murder, officers arrested Don and Sam.
    5)  Bill hesitates to see Stephanie again because they already have a relationship, and they argue is incessantly.
    6)  Tim teases his little sister because she is about the silliest things, and he always gets a reaction from his tales!
    7)  Beach residents were stunned to see the massive of sand on the road after the violent storm passed.
    8)  John makes such statements that friends no longer bother with rebuttals.
    9)  Connie listens to church sermons that the power of the influence God has on her life.
    10)  Eileen really dislikes that who says he likes her but then pokes fun of her with his pals.
    11)  Molly admires the exotic birds that are to the remote island she visited.
    12)  Caroline plans to herself with popular men and women who have influence in politics.
    13)  Rachel feels one of the problems of social media is that people converse too little in person.
    14)  Bob will alter his thinking since he is quite certain that if he takes an approach to problems that most of them will not improve.
    15)  Marcy is selfish and has a to always do what she wants so that many friends resent her attitude.
    16)  Marianne decided aided her through grueling cancer treatments and she is in recovery.
    17)  Investors fervently hope for a in economic conditions so that stocks will advance again.
    18)  Wanda says she was fired without cause and is so that she purposely speaks badly of the firm.