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Vocabulary Word List: 26 words: analyze, appreciation, commission, commodities, derivatives, diversify, dividend, enterprise, execution, expectation, fiduciary, fluctuate, gazette, invest, investigate, leverage, market, performance, portfolio, preservation, profit, regulate, research, rival, tabloid, yield

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Vocabulary Word List for Stock Market & Finance (230)

  • A)

    Accrue, Acquisition, Actuary, Aggressive, Allocation, AMEX, Analyze, Annual, Annuity, Approach, Arbitrage, Ask, Assets, Auction, Audit, Averaging

  • B)

    Bank, Bear, Bid, Blue-chip, Bonds, Broker, Brokerage, Bubble, Bull and bear, Bursar

  • C)

    Callable, Calls, Capital, Capital gains, Capitalism, Caution, Certificate, Chart, Closed-end, Commission, Commodity, Competition, Compounding, Conservative, Consumption, Convertibles, Countercrash, Credit, Cyclical

  • D)

    Debenture, Debit, Defensive, Demographics, Depreciation, Derivative, Dilution, Direction, Discretionary, Diversification, Diversify, Dividend, Dollar-cost-averaging, Dump

  • E)

    Earn, Earnings, Economy, Efficient, Elasticity, Emerging, Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Equilibrium, Exchange, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Expectation

  • F)

    Financial, Financial, Fiscal, Fluctuate, Frenzy, Fundamental, Funds, Futures

  • G)

    Gain, Global, Gold, Graph, Green mail, Growth

  • H)

    Hedging, High-growth

  • I)

    Impact, Impecunious, Incentive, Indebted, Index, Industrials, Industry, Inflation, Influence, Insider, Insolvent, Institutional, Interest-sensitive, Intervention, Inventory, Invest, Investment

  • J)

    Joint account, Jubilation, Junk bond

  • K)

    K-1, Keogh, Knowledge

  • L)

    Launch, Leverage, Liability, Liquidity, Long-term, Lucrative

  • M)

    Manipulate, Margin, Market, Maturity, Member, Mercantile, Mergers, Mistake, Money, Money market fund, Monopoly, Municipals

  • N)

    NASDAQ, Negotiable, Note, Numbers, Numerous, NYSE

  • O)

    Objectives, Odds, Official, Online, Open-end, Options, Outstanding, Ovation

  • P)

    Panic, Peak, Pecuniary, Pension, Performance, Points, Portfolio, Predict, Preferred, Preservation, Pressure, Profit, Profitability, Propensity, Prospectus, Proxy, Puts

  • Q)

    Query, Question, Quit, Quotation

  • R)

    Raid, Rally, Rating, Ratios, Regulate, Reimburse, Reinvestment, Rescind, Research, Revocable, Risk-reward, Risks, Rival, Rumor

  • S)

    Sale, Scarcity, Sector, Securities, Selection, Sell, Share, Shareholder, Short, Slump, Spectacular, Spectator, Speculate, Speculation, Speculator, Split, Spot-market, Stipulate, Stocks, Straddle, Strategy, Subordinated, Symbols, Syndicate

  • T)

    Takeover, Tape, Tariff, Tax-exempt, Technical, Tender, Ticker, Timing, Trading, Tradition, Trend

  • U)

    Ultimate, Underwrite, Unique, Unit, Utilities

  • V)

    Value, Velocity, Vest, Vigilance, Volatility, Volume

  • W)

    Waive, Warrants, Worldwide

  • X)


  • Y)


  • Z)

    Zealous, Zero-coupon

MONEY word list Chris Connell, American Numismatic Assoc. provided these explanations (RD, p. 186)

BUCK: term dates to a time when deer hides were traded
DOUGH: term emphasized the role of paper currency as one of necessities of life
DOLLAR: term came from the Germanic thaler used throughout Europe and Britain from the 1500s to the 1700s to refer to large silver coins. The English translation was dollar.
SAWBUCK: The name of an early sawhorse whose crossed legs formed an X, the Roman numeral for 10 or a $10 bill.
GRAND: Short for grand amount that at the time was $1,000.

Stock Market Lesson Plans and Discussion ideas:
Do you know these Stock Market answers?
1. What is the oldest American stock exchange founded in 1790? In what year did NASDAQ acquire it?
2. Of two stock exchanges, the NASDAQ and the NYSE, which one is larger? (Be careful!!)
3. In what country was the first formal stock exchange located?
4. Can you explain the term Dow Jones Industrial Average?
5. What is the only company included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average that has been able to retain its original title? offers more than 710 word lists. To see The Stock Market Game, Business and Finance word lists, please go to the home page for vocabulary games, interactive word puzzles and themed content with Latin roots that align with Common Core standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees and no ads.