• The Fill-in-the Blank puzzle is 1 of 8 vocabulary activities and word puzzles using Greek and Latin word roots with the same grade level words.
  • Use the word list to choose the correct word in context. Email your answers to friends, family and teachers.
  • For subject and calendar topics, refer to the Word List in the header to see the complete vocabulary word list for this topic.
  • Common Core alignment to a Fill-in-the-Blank puzzle is to the key phrase "Context".
    CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a
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    1) Science (Chemistry, Geology and Physics) Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    To solve the Science word puzzle, put a single answer in each fill-in-the-blanks. The correct answers are in the Science vocabulary list.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the correct answers and the percentage score of correct answers from Science fill-in-the-blanks word puzzle.
    The Science (Chemistry, Geology and Physics) word list includes 18 correct answers. In addition to this Science Fill-in-the-blanks, also features a free Interactive Word Puzzle, Word Search, Crossword and Definition Match activity.
    You have permission to make a hard copy for Science fill-in-the-blanks at home or in classes.
    Vocabulary Word List:
    Science vocabulary list:

    Science (Chemistry, Geology and Physics) Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    1)  Bobby watched pool balls ricochet off each other, a result of a action.
    2)  When the clerk tripped, spilling tiny paper clips, he used a to gather them into a pile.
    3)  The geologist at the excavation site discovered a significant a footprint left by dinosaurs.
    4)  If Tim leaves his glass of milk in the hot sun all day, it will and turn sour.
    5)  Marcia knows that putting acid and metal together make a significant of gases.
    6)  When Vance added additional sugar to one end of a scale, its was destroyed.
    7)  Electrons and protons compose the most minute particles that make up .
    8)  A team of seismic engineers centered their for oil off the gulf coast of Texas.
    9)  The statistician calculated and reported every hour the of the hurricane winds.
    10)  On the windward slope, deposits occurred with frequency and made hikers step cautiously.
    11)  Documentation exists that indicates that on the moon there is less than there is on earth.
    12)  Greg watched a small bird make a of small pieces of string, twigs and grasses into its nest.
    13)  Frank needs to study only one more abbreviation of an to have memorized forty-five of them.
    14)  A diamond, unlike coal, is a that has certain specific properties that can be determined and rated.
    15)  One scientist speculates that there can be no between a mixture of ammonia and alcohol.
    16)  The chemist was frustrated to locate only a single atom in the when he peered into the powerful microscope.
    17)  Did Marilyn learn in class that a chemical regulates the rate of its reactions?
    18)  Those rocks are made from fragments as well as animal and plant remains.