Presidents' Day

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Vocabulary Word List:

38 words: assassination, audacious, caring, character, charisma, citizenship, confidence, cooperation, courageous, debate, dedication, discipline, education, empathy, equality, ethical, fairness, honesty, insightful, inspirational, integrity, kindness, loyalty, orator, patience, patriotism, perseverance, punctuality, reliance, resourceful, respect, responsibility, segregation, teamwork, tolerance, tribute, trustworthy, visionary

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Vocabulary Word List for Presidents' Day (382)

  • A)

    Ability, Abolition, Absorb, Accepting, Accomplishment, Accountability, Acknowledge, Active, Activism, Admiration, Advice, Advise, Advocacy, Aggressive, Aid, Altruism, Amiable, Amicable, Appeal, Appreciation, Arrangement, Articulate, Aspiration, Assassination, Asset, Assumption, Attentive, Attitude, Audience, Authority, Awe

  • B)

    Behavior, Belief, Bold, Bond, Brave, Bridge

  • C)

    Career, Cause, Celebration, Challenge, Chance, Change, Chaos, Character, Charismatic, Charm, Citizen, Civility, Clout, Coherent, Commitment, Common ground, Common-sense, Communicative, Community, Compassion, Complication, Comprehension, Compromising, Confidence, Conflict, Congress, Conscientious, Conservative, Consideration, Constant, Contradiction, Control, Cooperation, Cordiality, Counsel, Courage, Courteous, Critic, Critical, Criticism, Culture, Curiosity

  • D)

    Daring, Debate, Decent, Decisive, Deed, Defeat, Definition, Demonstrate, Desperate, Determination, Devote, Devotion, Difference, Dignity, Diligent, Diplomatic, Discipline, Discouragement, Discreet, Disregard, Dream, Dynamic, Dynamism

  • E)

    Earnest, Efficiency, Effort, Encouragement, Energetic, Ensure, Enthusiastic, Equality, Essential, Esteemed, Estimable, Ethical, Evaluation, Eventual, Evil, Expectant, Expectation, Experience

  • F)

    Fairness, Faith, Famous, Flexible, Focus, Forbid, Forgiving, Forsake, Forte, Fortitude, Freedom, Friendship

  • G)

    Galvanize, Generation, Generosity, Genial, Genius, Genteel, Genuine, Gift, Grace, Gratitude, Greatness, Guidance

  • H)

    Hard work, Harmony, Hatred, Healing, Helpful, Hero, History, Holiday, Homage, Honesty, Honor, Honorable, Hopeful, Humble, Humility

  • I)

    Idealistic, Ideology, Illuminate, Impact, Impartial, Impending, Impression, Improvements, Industrious, Influential, Information, Initiate, Innovative, Insightful, Inspirational, Instinctive, Instructive, Integrity, Intense, Intention, Interest, Intricate, Intuitive, Investigative, Ire, Irrefutable, Issues

  • J)

    Judgment, Just

  • K)

    Kindred, Kinship

  • L)

    Leadership, Legendary, Legislate, Legitimacy, Listener, Loyalty

  • M)

    Manumission, Mastery, Measure, Merit, Meritorious, Modesty, Modulation, Morale, Motivation, Mutual

  • N)

    National, Natural, Needs, Noble

  • O)

    Observance, Open-minded, Optimism, Orator, Order, Original, Outspoken

  • P)

    Patience, Patient, Patriot, Patriotism, Peacemaker, Perceptive, Peril, Perseverance, Persistence, Personable, Personal, Persuasive, Polarization, Polite, Popular, Potent, Potential, Powerful, Praise, Precedent, Prejudice, Pressure, Principled, Principles, Priorities, Privilege, Profile, Proper, Proposal, Provide, Provocative, Public, Purposeful

  • Q)

    Qualifications, Quality, Queries, Quest, Quick, Quiescent

  • R)

    Rational, Rationale, Reality, Reasonable, Recognition, Reconcile, Record, Reflective, Reform, Regard, Relationship, Reliant, Relief, Relief, Remorse, Repressive, Rescue, Resilience, Resolute, Resourcefulness, Respect, Respectful, Respectful, Responsibility, Responsible, Responsive, Restoration, Restraint, Reticence, Revelation, Reverent, Rights, Rigorous, Role

  • S)

    Sacrifice, Sagacious, Sage, Security, Segregation, Sensible, Sensitive, Service, Setback, Sharing, Shock, Sincerity, Skill, Slavery, Sober, Solemn, Solitary, Soul, Special, Speculation, Spirit, Spotlight, Staunchness, Straight-shooter, Straightforward, Strive, Stumble, Subdue, Success, Successful, Suffering, Supportive, Sympathetic

  • T)

    Tactful, Talent, Teamwork, Temperament, Tenacious, Tendency, Thankful, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Tolerant, Tone, Tradition, Trait, Trustworthy, Truthful

  • U)

    Ultimate, Understanding, Understatement, Unification, Unique, United, Unity, Unprecedented, Unpretentious, Upheaval, Upright, Upstanding, Useful

  • V)

    Valiant, Values, Veracious, Veracity, Versatile, Vex, Victory, Vigilant, Vigorous, Violence, Virtuous, Visible, Vision, Vocal, Voice, Vulnerable

  • W)

    W- war, Warm, Watchful, Willingness, Wisdom, Wise, Woes, Worrier, Worthwhile, Worthy

  • X)


  • Y)

    Yearning, Yielding, Youthful

  • Z)

    Zeal, Zealous

Presidents' Day Lesson Plan and Discussion Ideas:

1. Complete research to explain four reasons why Abraham Lincoln and/ or George Washington have earned such renown in America
2. Name four specific contributions to the reputation of early America that Abraham Lincoln and/or George Washington made. Why did you choose these examples from so many possibilities? Give supporting facts.
3. How did both presidents get involved in government and how did their role help develop a united nation?
4. When did Presidents' Day become a holiday? What criteria were used to decide on these two men? Do you think they deserve this recognition? Why?

5. Some presidents were inventors. Who is known as the "Father of Invention?" Can you name others? What did they invent? Describe the object/objects.

To read more about the history and thoughts behind Presidents' Day go to these links:

  • George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate
  • Abraham Lincoln.s Presidential Library and Museum
  • Biographies of all USA presidents
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