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Vocabulary Word List: 12 words: Audacious, Disreputable, Galleon, Instigate, Insurrection, Marauder, Maritime, Mutiny, Notorious, Parrot, Plunder, Vandalized

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Vocabulary Word List for Pirates (405)

  • A)

    Abandon, Abuse, Accessory, Activity, Adventure, Afloat, Aft, Agile, Ahoy, Altercation, Anchor, Anticipation, Appeal, Artifact, Ashore, Assault, Astonishing, Attack, Audacious, Authorities, Authority, Aye

  • B)

    Bad luck, Bandolier, Barbaric, Barbarossa (Arouj & Khair-ed-Din), Barefoot, Barrel, Battle, Beached, Beacon, Becalm, Behead, Billow, Billy Bones, Black, Black Bart, Black Beard (Edward Teach), Blacksmith, Bloodthirsty, Bloody, Blunderbuss, Boarding, Boastful, Bollix, Bonanza, Booty, Bounty, Bowsprit, Brass, Bravery, Brawl, Brawny, Brutality, Buccaneer, Bullion, Bully, Bungle, Burn, Bury

  • C)

    Calico Jack, Campeche, Cannon, Cannon fuse, Capsize, Captain, Captain Kidd, Captain Kidd, Capture, Cargo, Cargo, Caribbean, Cave, Celebrations, Challenge, Chantey, Chaos, Charge, Charm, Chest, Circuit, Coast, Coastline, Cockroach, Code, Companion, Compass, Competition, Confiscate, Conquest, Contemptuous, Contraband, Corpse, Course, Crate, Crew, Criminal, Crossbones, Cruel, Cunning, Curse, Cutlass, Cutthroat

  • D)

    Dagger, Dangerous, Dare, Daring, Debauchery, Decapitate, Deck, Defiant, Discovery, Disease, Disguise, Dishonest, Disreputable, Distant, Dominate, Doubloon, Dysentery

  • E)

    Encrusted, Episode, Escape, Evidence, Evil, Exile, Expedition, Exploit, Explore, Explosion, Eye patch

  • F)

    Failure, Fantasy, Fear, Fearsome, Feast, Feat, Ferocious, Fest, Fierce, Fighting, Fire, Flag, Flagship, Fleet, Fortune, Frightening, Furl

  • G)

    Galleon, Gang plank, Gangs, Garb, Gear, Gibbet, Glimpse, Glitter, Gold, Goods, Greedy, Grim, Grog, Gunfire, Gunpowder, Gusto

  • H)

    Hanging, Harass, Haul, Havoc, Heave-ho, Heist, Heroes, Hex, Hidden, High seas, Hijack, Hispaniola, Historic, Hoist, Hold, Hollering, Horizon, Hostile, Hunt, Hurricane

  • I)

    Ill-gotten, Illegal, Image, Impact, Incident, Infamous, Infested, Injury, Instigate, Insubordinate, Insurrection, International, Intrepid, Islands

  • J)

    Jagged, Jeopardize, Jettison, Jetty, Jewelry, Jewels, Jolly Roger

  • K)

    Kidnap, Kill, Kingdom, Knack

  • L)

    Lad, Land, Land-ho!, Landlubber, Lash, Lawless, Legacy, Legend, Loathe, Long John Silver, Lookout, Loot, Lore, Loyalty, Lucre, Lure

  • M)

    Maggots, Malaria, Map, Marauder, Mariner, Maritime, Maroon, Marsh, Mate, Mayhem, Menace, Merchants, Mockery, Moonlit, Musket, Mutiny

  • N)

    Nautical, Navigate, New World, Notorious

  • O)

    Old salt, Ominous, One leg, Onslaught, Opulence, Outrank, Overboard

  • P)

    Parrot, Party, Peg-leg, Pieces of eight, Pierce, Pillage, Piracy, Pistol, Pitch-dark, Plank, Plunder, Power, Precarious, Predatory, Prey, Privateer, Prize, Prowl, Pursuit, Putrid

  • Q)

    Quarters, Quest

  • R)

    Raid, Rake, Ransack, Ransom, Rats, Ravage, Reactions, Realm, Rebellion, Reckoning, Reek, Region, Relentless, Remote, Reports, Rescue, Revenge, Revolt, Riches, Riotous, Risk, Roam, Rogue, Romanticize, Rope, Rudder, Ruffian, Rum, Ruthless

  • S)

    Sabotage, Sack full, Sailor, Salt junk, Scalawag, Scavenge, Scoundrel, Sea port, Sea-chest, Seafarer, Seagull, Search, Seaweed, Secrecy, Seek, Seize, Sever, Sextant, Ship, Shiver-me-timbers, Shore, Silver, Skiff, Slaughter, Sliver, Smuggle, Snatch, Splash, Spoils, Square-rigged, Stab, Stagger, Stash, Stockade, Strut, Surrender, Survive, Swab, Swagger, Swashbuckling, Swindle, Swoon, Sword

  • T)

    Tales, Target, Teak, Telescope, Temper, Tempestuous, Terrorize, Thievery, Thug, Tides, Torture, Trade, Trappings, Travel, Treacherous, Treasure, Triangular trade, Truce, Tyrant

  • U)

    Unfurl, Unique, Unkempt, Unlawful, Unscrupulous, Untrustworthy, Unusual

  • V)

    Vagrant, Valiant, Valor, Valuables, Vandalize, Vanquish, Vantage, Venture, Vessel, Vicious, Vigilant, Vile, Voyage

  • W)

    Wander, Warning, Warring, Wealth, Weapons, Weather, Wharf, Whip, White handkerchief, Wicked, Wild, Wily, Wreck, Wrong

  • X)

    X marks the spot

  • Y)

    Yellow fever, Yo-ho-ho

  • Z)

    Zeal, Zealous, Zest


History tells that pirates plundered and raided as early as 1500. Captains and their crews roamed in many locations, depending on what "treasures" could be found. Most pirates earned their bad reputations, but a few were patriots, even gentlemen. Two women were especially fierce. As you complete research into the interesting lore and facts about pirates, use the list of words provided to help you in activities or exercises.

Pirates LESSON PLAN IDEAS and activities from

** Use these words and discussion ideas in History or English classes or when reading asbout pirates in Treasure Island.
1. Imagine how a pirate captain might have looked physically? What type of clothes did he wear? Did he have a nickname? What was his favorite drink? What was the name of his ship? How did he die?
2. Pirates usually had rules and regulations that were strict. Can you imagine what they might have included?
3. Some pirates were notorious and had bad reputations. Complete research on three of the following: Calico Jack, Anne Bonney, Mary Read, Edward Teach
4. Name some of the locations/countries where pirates roamed and raided. Why were these areas popular?
5. What information can yo find about the pirate community Libertatia, in Madagascar?
6. When The Queen Anne's Revenge, a ship, was salvaged in 1977, what artifacts did divers and archeologists discover?

Pirates Quiz: For answers, please email
1. What is a gibbet?
2. What does the term "Jolly Roger" mean?
3. Blackbeard is just a nickname. Identify the pirate! What do you know about him?
4. Black Bart is also a nickname. Who is this pirate?
5. Explain why Jean Lafitte earned a reputation as a pirate but is also considered a patriot. Explain.
6. John Rackham was known as Calico Jack. Why?
7. Some colorful characters from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island include: Billy Bones, Cap'n Flint, Long John Silver, and Pew. What do you know about them? Share your information!
8. Give details about the Spanish pirate, Jose Gaspar. In what areas did he terrorize? offers more than 715 word list To see Adventures word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees.