• The Fill-in-the Blank puzzle is 1 of 8 vocabulary activities and word puzzles using Greek and Latin word roots with the same grade level words.
  • Use the word list to choose the correct word in context. Email your answers to friends, family and teachers.
  • For subject and calendar topics, refer to the Word List in the header to see the complete vocabulary word list for this topic.
  • Common Core alignment to a Fill-in-the-Blank puzzle is to the key phrase "Context".
    CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a
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    1) Patty Reed's Doll Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    To solve the Patty Reed's Doll vocabulary word puzzle, put a single answer in each fill-in-the-blanks. The correct vocabulary answers are in the Patty Reed's Doll vocabulary list.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the correct answers and percentage score from Patty Reed's Doll by Rachel K. Laurgaard.
    The Patty Reed's Doll by Rachel K. Laurgaard includes a vocabulary list of 18 words. In addition to Patty Reed's Doll Fill-in-the-blanks, also features a free matching and Interactive Word Puzzle activity.
    You have permission to make a hard copy of Patty Reed's Doll by Rachel K. Laurgaard fill-in-the-blanks at home or in the classes.
    Vocabulary Word List:
    Patty Reed's Doll vocabulary list:

    Patty Reed's Doll Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    1)  Bonnie skied on an slope from her friends since their choice was too steep.
    2)  Sam chose a time for his family to discuss their vacation plans.
    3)  Holly saw a great pair of jeans and is to add them to her closet!
    4)  Kenny was surprised to see so many stretches of land when he drove through Nevada.
    5)  Pablo Fajaro plans to from Ecuador to Guatamala next year.
    6)  Nancy admires the woman who spends long hours writing a book.
    7)  Rachel turned in an good project and earned an A on the assignment.
    8)  Radio music and advertisements with the concentration Susie needs to finish her homework.
    9)  Dan hoped the pool he saw ahead of him in the desert was not a but, in fact, a genuine place to drink.
    10)  Mr. Sanders was so mad at the vandalism he saw that he had an expression on his face when he spoke sternly to three boys.
    11)  Barbara is an older woman who uses a lacy every day when she walks in the afternoon.
    12)  A car salesman continued her efforts to convince Sally to select a red car to complete the transaction! and
    13)  Local coaches have stated that Fred is the best football they have seen in a long time.
    14)  Bill needs to his liquid bottles after the long hike in the mountains.
    15)  Mr. Hansen suspects his grass will with water and fertilizer.
    16)  Mikey could not help that his accurate answers on the test would earn an excellent grade!
    17)  Four hikers were unable to reach the of the mountain due to excessive winds and snow.
    18)  Karen volunteers at the hospital and is about the illnesses so many patients face.