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  • Common Core alignment to a Crossword puzzle is to three key phrases:
    "Precise Meaning", "Spell Correctly" and "Grade Level".
    CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    Precise Meaning: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4e, 3.4d, 4.4c, 5.4c, 6.4c, 7.4c, 8.4c, 9-10.4c, 11-12.4c
    Spell Correctly: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: L.2.2d+e, L.3.2e+f, L.4.2d, L.5.2d, L.6.2b, L.7.2b, L.8.2c, L.9-10.2c, L.11-12.2b
    Grade Level: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 5.4, 6.4, 7.4, 8.4, 9-10.4, 11-12.4
  • 1) Lincoln Bicentennial Crossword --

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    4. Possessing the quality of mind or spirit to face difficulty, danger or pain without fear; brave (adjective)
    7. The state or quality of having the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another (noun)
    9. The state or practice of people being held in servitude as the property of another; the practice of owning people (noun)
    10. A person of unusually keen foresight or imagination (noun)
    12. Displaying penetrating mental vision or discernment, esp. through intuitive understanding (adjective)
    15. The act of dividing from, cutting off or setting apart; isolation; a requirement of separation, often with force (noun)
    17. Deserving of confidence or reliance on the integrity, strength or ability of a person; reliable (adjective)
    18. The act or fact of sticking to a purpose, aim or course of action (noun)
    20. State or instance of being accountable (something within someone\'s power) or having the capacity for moral decisions (noun)
    21. Personal magnetism enabling an individual to influence and/or attract people (adjective)
    22. Stimulation of emotions or intellect; divine guidance and influence (noun)


    1. Moral excellence and strength; notable trait or characteristic (noun)
    2. Murder, especially of a prominent person; the killing of a politically important person (noun)
    3. A fair attitude, sympathy or indulgence towards those whose race, religion, nationality or beliefs differ from one\'s own (noun)
    5. Act of devoting wholly to a purpose or special use; inscription to a person (book) (noun)
    6. Devoted love, support and defense of one\'s country; national loyalty (noun)
    8. A testimonial, compliment or gift given as an expression of gratitude or esteem (noun)
    11. Extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless (adjective)
    13. Uncompromising adherence to right moral and ethical conduct or principles; honesty (noun)
    14. To take part in a verbal discussion; to engage in formal argument with opposing positions (verb)
    16. Someone noted for skill and power in effective public speaking (noun)
    19. Dealing with rules of conduct, morals, practice or standards (adjective)
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