Lewis & Clark, La. Purchase, May 1804

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Vocabulary Word List: 18 words: continental, expedition, exploration, fortitude, frontier, hostile, interpreter, journey, navigate, negotiation, opposition, perilous, persistence, possession, provisions, territory, translation, treacherous

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Vocabulary Word List for Lewis & Clark, La. Purchase, May 1804 (203)

  • A)

    Ability, Accommodating, Active, Activity, Adventurer, Aggressive, Antagonistic, Anxious, Arrogant, Authentic

  • B)

    Barrage, Befriend, Behavior, Bloodthirsty, Bold, Braggart, Bravery, Brutality, Burr, Bushwhacker

  • C)

    Cahoots, Campfires, Caravan, Cattle(drive), Cheat, Churlish, Civility, Commitment, Common-sense, Control, Cooperation, Courage, Courageous, Cowboy, Curt

  • D)

    Dependable, Descent, Desolate, Determination, Discovery, Dreams, Drive

  • E)

    Encounter, Energetic, Epic, Exhaustion, Experience, Exploration

  • F)

    Face-to-face, Failure, Faith, Faithful, Feud, Foothills, Fortitude, Fortune, Frenzy, Frontiersman, Furor, Fury

  • G)

    Gait, Gallop. gauntlet, Gold fever, Gun-wielding, Gunfire

  • H)

    Half-hitch, Hard work, Hardhearted, Hardship, Hazards, Herd, Hero, Hitch, Hogtie, Holster, Hostile, Hunter

  • I)

    Idealistic, Indians, Inevitable, Infamous, Infuriate, Intense, Invasion

  • J)

    Jail, Jealousy, Justice

  • K)


  • L)

    Launch, Leather, Livery, Livestock, Loco, Longhorns

  • M)

    Maritime, Maverick, Mount

  • N)

    Native Americans, Nefarious, Notorious, Nuisance

  • O)

    Obedient, Observant, Opinionated, Opportunist, Oxen

  • P)

    Packhorses, Passage, Peacemaker, Perceptive, Perilous, Perseverance, Persistence, Perspiration, Pioneer, Potential, Powerful, Pressure, Prideful, Priorities, Prospecting

  • Q)

    Quarrelsome, Quest, Quick

  • R)

    Ranching, Range, Rawhide, Reach, Reasonable, Rebellious, Recognition, Resolute, Resourcefulness, Ricochet, Rustlers, Ruthless

  • S)

    Sailor, Salve, Savvy, Schemer, Scientist, Seafaring, Seasoned, Sheriff, Shipwreck, Slaughter, Sorrow, Space, Spurs, Stallion, Staunchness, Stirrups, Stockade, Surly, Suspicion, Sweat

  • T)

    Tack, Talent, Tallow, Teamwork, Temperament, Tenacious, Tendency, Terrain, Territories, Threats, Thundering, Toil, Trader, Travel, Travois, Treacherous, Treaty, Trip

  • U)

    Ultimate, Ultimatum, Uncharted, Uncivil, Unique, Unison, Unity, Unscrupulous

  • V)

    Valiant, Vendetta, Vengeful, Vicious, Vigilant, Vile, Villainous, Visible, Vocal, Voyage, Vulnerable, Vultures

  • W)

    Wary, Whinny, Wicker, Wild

  • X)


  • Y)

    Yearn, Youthful

  • Z)

    Zeal, Zealous

Explorers comments:
Historical documentation during explorations for Lewis and Clark shows that mostly men took charge of the wagons. They protected their families and hunted for food. The woman's jobs included making meals, washing and caring for the young children. The children also had chores. They would collect buffalo chips to start a fire if wood was unavailable.
Titles of some books about life for pioneer children include "Children of the Wild West" by R. Freedman, "Pecos Bil l- "The Greatest Cowboy of all Time" by James Bowman, "Patty Reed�s Doll-The Story of the Donner Party" written by Rachel Laurgaard and "Daily Life in a Covered Wagon" By Paul Erickson (Information taken from various sources including the PBS documentary on the Donner party, "American Experience."

Explorer Lesson plan ACTIVITY:
Students prepare an imaginary trip/journey, just like Lewis and Clark. Provide magazines or newspapers, cut out pictures for essential/necessary/useful items for an adventure or long trip.
Consult the Internet/newspapers/magazines to search for stories about Lewis and Clark. Research maps of their travels and experiences.

1.What clothing would have been appropriate for four seasons and various weather conditions?
2. What obstacles might have caused delays or postponement of a trip?
3. What types of useful things had to be included besides food and clothes?
4. What type of person would want to make this kind of an adventure/ trip?
Promote discussions and compile a master list with students choices)

More Explorer Lesson Plan and discussion ideas from
1. Ask students about the longest and best/worst trip they have taken. If a student hasn't traveled, have him/her imagine places to go. Why did students have these opinions?
2. Include ideas/examples/pictures to a white board.
3. Have students examine lists what others have found. Have them discuss two lists they like best!
4. Assign written work relating to Lewis and Clark and their explorations. offers more than 525 word lists. Please go to the home page for Explorer interactive worksheets, word games, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.