• The Fill-in-the Blank puzzle is 1 of 8 vocabulary activities and word puzzles using Greek and Latin word roots with the same grade level words.
  • Use the word list to choose the correct word in context. Email your answers to friends, family and teachers.
  • For subject and calendar topics, refer to the Word List in the header to see the complete vocabulary word list for this topic.
  • Common Core alignment to a Fill-in-the-Blank puzzle is to the key phrase "Context".
    CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a
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    1) Kentucky Derby Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    To solve the Kentucky Derby word puzzle, put a single answer in each fill-in-the-blanks. The correct vocabulary answers are in the Kentucky Derby vocabulary list.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the correct answers, a sentence and percentage score from the Kentucky Derby fill-in-the-blanks word puzzle.
    A Kentucky Derby word list includes 12 correct answers. In addition to this Kentucky Derby Fill-in-the-blanks, also features a free Interactive Word Puzzle, Word Search, Crossword and Definition Match activity. See also Horses and Ranches word list from the menu bar above.
    You have permission to make a hard copy for the Kentucky Derby fill-in-the-blanks at home or in classes.
    Vocabulary Word List:
    Kentucky Derby vocabulary list:
    competition, equine, equestrian, derby, favorite, furlong, performance, sportsman, stallion, stellar, veterinarian, victorious

    Kentucky Derby Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    1)  Carol worried about taking her pony to the center but knew Dandelion was pretty sick and need special care.
    2)  Donald had already earned a sterling reputation and hoped his abilities would qualify him for the Olympics.
    3)  When Brad invited Kerry to the she purchased a new outfit and a hat with a wide brim!
    4)  Harry assured the owner that his injured horse could easily run a even after only two weeks of recuperation.
    5)  Vicky did not have to study any more horses to pick her because she already loved the disposition of the horse named Blaze.
    6)  Jason looked forward to the afternoon since he was convinced his horse would win the race!
    7)  The trainer was pleased with the of the gelding and declared him ready to run.
    8)  Larry and Paula expected the filly to be because she had already won six major stake races.
    9)  The owners at Cumber Farm purchased a young hoping that this horse would make their dreams a reality.
    10)  Holly chose a career as a even when she was in elementary school because she loved animals.
    11)  Spectators cheered wildly for the accomplishment they had just witnessed by a relatively unproven horse!
    12)  Ken was delighted when the committee chose him to be of the year.