Gold Rush 1848-California

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Vocabulary Word List: assure, bonanza, bust, claim, commodity, conceal, deceive, detect, discover, electrum, excavate, hi-grading, lode, mining, nugget, pay-dirt, prospect, settler, vein

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Vocabulary Word List for Gold Rush 1848-California (286)

  • A)

    Abandon, Advantage, Affect, Alcoholism, Alluvial deposit, Alluvial sand, American West, Amount, Anticipation, Anxiety, Area, Argonauts, Ascent, Assayer, Assist, Attempt

  • B)

    Bankruptcy, Beckon, Blaze, Boat, Bonanza, Boom, Boom town, Boundary, Broke, Burden, Buried, Bust, Bustle

  • C)

    Cabins, California, Camp, Capital, Challenges, Chinese, Cholera, Claim, Climb, Cold, Collecting, Commodity, Commotion, Competition, Complications, Conceal, Conditions, Cover, Covert, Cradle, Creek, Currency, Cutthroat

  • D)

    Dank, Death, Debris, Delivery, Demand, Deny, Deposit, Descent, Despair, Detect, Detection, Determination, Develop, Difficult, Dirt, Disadvantage, Discovery, Discrimination, Disease, Dishonest, Dispute, Ditch, Diversity, Documentation, Doubt, Downstream, Dream, Dreary, Drench

  • E)

    Effect, Embedded, Epic, Equipment, Ethnic, Eventful, Evidence, Excavate, Excitement, Exhaustion, Exploit, Explore, Exposure

  • F)

    Fever, Fields, Flock, Foil, Foot, Formation, Fortune, Fortune hunter, Forty-Niners, Freewheeling, Frontier

  • G)

    Gambling, Glitter, Gold-fever, Gravel, Greenhorn

  • H)

    Hardship, Hardworking, Heritage, Hidden, Historical, Honest, Hope, Horseback, Horses, Hunger, Hydraulic mining

  • I)

    Illness, Immigration, Impact, Information, Interaction, Interest, Investment, Issue

  • J)

    James Wilson Marshall, Jinx, Journey

  • K)


  • L)

    Labor, Laborer, Law, Lawless, Legal, Load, Lode, Lodging, Losses, Luck, Lure

  • M)

    Malaria, Mania, Map, Measure, Memorabilia, Mercantile, Metal, Millionaires, Miner, Minerals, Mining, Mining, Miserable, Monetary, Money, Monitor, Mountains, Movement, Mud, Multi-cultural

  • N)

    Nasty, Native Americans, Neglect, Nugget, Numbers

  • O)

    Obsession, Obstacle, Official, Opportunist, Opportunity, Ore, Overland, Ownership

  • P)

    Pack animals, Panning, Path, Persuade, Pickax, Piles, Pioneers, Placer mining, Preservation, President Polk, Prices, Primitive, Produce, Profit, Prospect, Prospector, Purpose

  • Q)

    Quality, Quantity, Quartz

  • R)

    Recovery, Region, Rental, Reveal, Risk, Rock, Rocker and cradle, Rocks, Rough, Route, Rugged, Rush, Rustic

  • S)

    Sack, Sacrifice, Scale, Scarcity, Scrubber, Seek, Serious, Settle, Settlement, Shack, Shaft, Sift, Sky-high, Slogan, Sluice box, Smelt, Soldiers, Spur, Stage coach, Stake, Stampede, Standard, Stealing, Stream, Strike, Struggle, Supplies, Supply, Sway

  • T)

    Tailing, Tale, Technique, Tents, Terrain, Territory, Thousands, Thousands, Timber, Toil, Toll, Tools, Trail, Transportation, Treasure, Trial, Tributary, Trommel, Trouble, Tunneling

  • U)

    Undergo, Unfortunate, Unique, Unscrupulous, Unusual

  • V)

    Value, Vein, Verify, Vicinity

  • W)

    Wager, Wagon, Water, Water pressure, Wealth, Weary, Weather, Weigh, West, Western, Westward, Wilderness, Witness, Work, Worthless

  • X)


  • Y)


  • Z)


Gold Rush Lesson Plans and Discussion ideas:
1. After James Marshall found gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848 in California, describe what happened by giving details about the discovery.
2. Gold rushes occurred in states other than California. Discuss the gold rush in Colorado and Alaska.
3. Mines and communities developed in other countries. Research gold rushes in Australia, Africa and Mexico. provides more than 730 word lists. To see more history and social studies word lists, please go to the home page for interactive worksheets, word games and word puzzles. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.