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    Gardening and Flowers Definition Match --

    The Gardening and Spring Flowers vocabulary MATCH list must correspond with its definition. Use the pull down menu bar to select the letter match for the Gardening and Spring Flowers word puzzle.
    When you hit Submit, you will get back the correct Gardening and Spring Flowers definition match answers, the percentage score for the correct answers and a sentence.
    In addition to this Gardening and Spring Flowers Match and word list of 12 vocabulary words, also provides an Gardening and Flowers Fill-in-the-Blank word game. See also an Interactive Word Puzzle, Word Search, Crossword and a True or False activity.
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    Word List
    1) horticulture
    2) botanical
    3) abundant
    4) germinate
    5) conservation
    6) variety
    7) Indigenous
    8) profusion
    9) fragrance
    10) perennial
    11) heliotrope
    12) organic
    Definition List
    A)  Existing in an ample or overflowing quantity; abounding or plentiful (adjective)
    B)  Having to do with, deriving from or pertaining to the study of plants and plant life (adjective)
    C)  A careful preservation and protection of something esp. planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect (noun)
    D)  A sweet or pleasing scent as a perfume (noun)
    E)  To begin; to cause to grow, develop or sprout into a plant as from a seed, spore or bulb (verb)
    F)  Any plant whose flowers turn to follow the sun (as the marigold or the sunflower) (noun)
    G)  The science and art of growing fruit, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants (noun)
    H)  Originating in or produced, growing or living naturally in a particular region or environment; native (adjective)
    I)  Derived from living organisms; relating to or produced with the use of fertilizer of plant or animal origin without chemically formulated fertilizers or pesticides (adjective)
    J)  Present at all seasons of the year; persisting for several years with new herbaceous growth; regularly repeated: recurrent (adjective)
    K)  Rich or lavish supply, display or exhibition (noun)
    L)  The quality of having different forms or types: assortment; any of various groups of plants or animals that are barely distinguished by different characteristics (noun)