Gardening & Flowers

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Vocabulary Word List: 23 words: abundant, annuals, botanical, bountiful, brilliant, conservation, environment, evergreen, fragrance, germinate, gorgeous, heliotrope, horticulture, indigenous, native, natural, nature, organic, perennials, profusion, reproductive, roses, variety

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Vocabulary Word List for Gardening & Flowers (424)

  • A)

    Abundance, Acclimation, Adaptation, Adjust, Aeration, Agriculture, All-organic, Amount, Annual, Anther, Ants, Aphid, Appearance, Arbor, Aroma, Arrangement, Atmosphere, Attractive

  • B)

    Backyard, Balance, Bamboo, Barrier, Beautiful, Beauty, Bee balm, Bees, Beetles, Beneficial, Biennial, Biodegradable, Biological, Birds, Bloom, Blooming, Blossom, Bog, Bone meal, Boost, Botanical, Botanist, Bountiful, Bouquet, Bower, Breeder, Bulbs, Bumper crop, Bushes, Butterflies

  • C)

    Care, Cart, Change, Choices, Chore, Circulation, Classification, Clay, Clematis, Climate, Clippings, Cluster, Collection, Colorful, Community, Composting, Conditions, Confine, Conservation, Consistency, Container, Convenient, Crop, Cultivate, Cuttings, Cycles

  • D)

    Dainty, Damage, Deadhead, Deciduous, Decomposition, Decoration, Decorative, Dedication, Dehydrated manure, Delicate, Depth, Destruction, Develop, Dibble, Different, Digging, Dirt, Disinfect, Disperse, Distinctive, Diversity, Division, Domain, Dormancy, Dormant, Drainage, Dried flowers

  • E)

    Early, Ecology, Edge, Edible, Effective, Elements, Embed, Enclosure, Encroach, Energy, Ensure, Environment, Eradicate, Erosion, Espalier, Evaporation, Evolve, Exotic, Exotic, Expanse, Experiment, Exposure, Extraordinary

  • F)

    Fan, Farming, Feathered friends, Feeder, Feeding, Fencing, Fertilization, Fertilizer, Filtering, Fish emulsion, Floral, Floral designer, Florist, Flourish, Flowering, Flowers, Foliage, Fragile, Fragrant, Frond, Frost, Fumigation, Fungus

  • G)

    Garden, Gardener, Gazebo, Generate, Genus, Germination, Gloves, Gopher, Graft, Grassy, Green thumb, Greenhouse, Ground, Grove, Grow lights

  • H)

    Habitat, Hardy, Harvest, Healthy, Hedge, Heirloom, Heliotrope, Honey bee, Hornet, Horticulture, Hose, Host, Houseplant, Hue, Humidity, Hummingbird, Humus, Hybrid, Hydroponics

  • I)

    Implement, Impressive, Improvement, Indoors, Inorganic, Insects, Interaction, Interconnection, Inundate, Involve, Irrigation

  • J)

    Jardiniere, Jeopardy, Judge, Judgment, Juicy, Juxtapose

  • K)

    Keepsake, Kelp, Key, Kingdom, Kit, Kneeling

  • L)

    Ladybugs, Landscape, Late, Lawn, Leaf, Legume, Lichen, Liners, Loam, Lopper

  • M)

    Magnet, Mass, Materials, Maturation, Maturity, Meadow, Miniature, Miracle-gro, Mites, Mix, Mixture, Moisture, Moss, Mulch

  • N)

    Needles, Niche, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Noticeable, Numbers, Numerous, Nursery, Nurture, Nutrient

  • O)

    Oasis, Open, Options, Orchard, Orderly, Organic, Original, Ornamental, Outdoors, Over-breed, Over-harvest, Overgrown

  • P)

    Palette, Parasite, Park, Parterre, Patch, Pattern, Peat moss, Perception, Perennial, Perfume, Perlite, Pesticide, Pests, Petals, Phloem, Phosphate, Photosynthesis, Pitch fork, Planter, Plantings, Plants, Plentiful, Pollen, Pollination, Popularity, Population, Pots, Potting mix, Potting soil, Prairie, Precipitation, Predator, Preserve, Pretty, Prevention, Produce, Profusion, Proliferate, Prolong, Prominence, Propagate, Prune

  • Q)

    Quality, Quantity, Quarantine

  • R)

    Rain, Rainfall, Raise, Raised beds, Rake, Ramble, Range, Rare, Rectify, Relationship, Remote, Replenish, Reservoir, Resistance, Resource, Rhizome, Rhythm, Rock garden, Rock gardening, Roof garden, Rot, Roto-tiller

  • S)

    Sample, Sand, Saturation, Seasonal, Seaweed, Sediment, Seed, Seeding, Seedlings, Seeds, Selection, Self-watering, Sensor, Shade, Shears, Shovel, Simplicity, Slow-release, Snip, Sod, Soil, Space, Spade, Specie, Species, Sprig, Sprinkler, Sprout, Stake, Stimulate, Stoma, Subsoil, Succulent, Suitable, Sun, Sunlight, Sunshine, Supply, Surface, Surroundings, Survival, Sustainable, Symbiosis

  • T)

    Taproot, Temperatures, Threat, Thrive, Till, Tolerant, Tools, Topiary, Toxic, Tractor, Transmit, Transplant, Trees, Trellis, Trimming, Trowel, Trunk, Tuber

  • U)

    Unexpected, Unique, Universal, Unruly, Unusual, Upright, Upside down

  • V)

    Value, Variation, Variety, Various, Vascular, Vegetation, Verdant, Vermiculture, Versatile, Viable, Vibrant, View, Vigilance, Vine, Vineyard

  • W)

    Warmth, Wasps, Water, Watering can, Weather, Weeder, Weeds, Wellies, Wetlands, Widespread, Wilt, Window box, Wither, Woodlands, Worms

  • X)

    Xeriscape, Xylem, Xyst

  • Y)

    Yard, Yellow jackets

  • Z)

    Zone, Zucchini, Zygophyte

Plant, bloom, shrub, tree word list: Please Email to add more names to Gardening word list. A: achillea, African violet, agapanthus, ageratum, allium, alyssum, amaryllis, anemone, aster, azalea,
B: bachelor buttons, beard tongue, begonia, black-eyed Susan, bleeding hearts, bluebell, boxwood, burning bush, butterfly bush, buttercup,
C: calla lily, cactus, camellia, campanula, Carnation, chrysanthemum, cineraria, clematis, columbine, coneflower, cornflower, cottonwood, crabapple, crape myrtle, crocus, cyclamen,
D: daffodil, dahlia, daisy, day lily, delphinium, dianthus, dogwood, Dutch elm,
E: echinacea, echinops, edelweiss, eglantine,
F: ferns, floribunda, forget-me-not, forsythia, foxglove, fuchsia,
G: gardenia. geranium, gladiolus, goldenrod, grandiflora,
H: harebells, hollyhock, hosta, hyacinth, hydrangea,
I: impatiens, Indian paintbrush, iris, ivy,
J: jack-in-the-pulpit, jasmine, jonquil,
L: larkspur, lavender, liatris, lilac, lily, lily of the valley, lobelia, lupine,
M: magnolia, maple, marguerite, marigold, Mexican hat, miltonia, moss, mum,
N: narcissus, nasturtium,
O: orchid, ornamental kale,
P: pansy, peony, periwinkle, petunia, phlox, porcupine grass, primrose,
Q: Queen Anne�s lace,
R: ranunculus, rhododendron, rose,
S: sage, salvia, scilla, sedum, shasta daisy, snapdragon, snowball, stonedrop, strawberries, sunflower, sweet pea,
T: thistle, trillium, tulip,
V: verbena, veronica, viburnum, vinca, viola, violet,
W: waterlily, wildflower, willow,wisteria,
Y: yarrow, yucca,
Z: zinnia,

Some cool season crops with temperatures from 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit include:
asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions, peas, radishes, spinach

Some warm weather crops with temperatures 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit include:
cantaloupe, corn, cucumber, peppers, squash, tomatoes

Some hot weather crops with temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit include:
beans, eggplant, peanuts, watermelon

Tips from the Middle Ages
1.To keep bugs away from strawberries, plant borage
2. Plant lovage next to or near tomatoes
3. Keep hyssop close to grapes
4. Catnip branches repel Japanese beetles
5. Valerian brings worms up to the top of the earth and aerates soil
6. Marigolds smell and usually bugs hate their odor

Gardening Lesson Plan ideas: Answer the following:

1. What is a cottage garden? (25 species in one, free-form bed
2. What credentials/abilities allow someone to become a master gardener?
3. What purpose do ladybugs serve? Did you know that they can eat as many as 5,000 aphids in their lifetime?

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