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    1) Football Fill-in-the-Blanks --

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    In addition to this Interactive Football vocabulary fill-in-the-blank Word Puzzle, also has a Fill-in-the-Blanks, Word Search, Crossword, Definition Match, True or False, Synonym or Antonym and a Concentration activity.
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    Football vocabulary word list:

    Football Fill-in-the-Blanks --

    1)  Paul participates in only one sport at Northwestern because he needs to devote time to his studies.
    2)  Mario scrambled to run through the and actually scored a touchdown on the play!
    3)  Bobby worries that the undefeated they face in the game tomorrow may crush their team.
    4)  The Mountaineers scored a when the ball from the center went over the head of the quarterback and out of the end zone.
    5)  Mary and Vicky watched the football to see what violation had occurred.
    6)  Craig lamented that his team lost in when the players had played so well during the game.
    7)  Greg cheered loudly even as he sat on the bench, now as a , after he broke his leg in the last game.
    8)  Many coaches, rather than attempting to an opponent, insert second or third string players to avoid winning by a large margin.
    9)  The cornerback at Mission Central is so quick that he does most long passes thrown on his side of the field.
    10)  Why did the referee call defensive when spectators saw that the tight end committed a holding penalty?
    11)  Sam and Jake hope their team will the game again against a key rival school and earn another win.
    12)  The team was disappointed to defeat for this game but the squad would persevere.
    13)  The coach is especially proud of his talented and expects great success from his team this fall.
    14)  Larry told Tim that a middle linemen usually weighs at least 260 pounds, but a wide often plays under 200 pounds.
    15)  The sport columnist made a that the local football team would win the Class V state championship.
    16)  A crafty linebacker hid his from the offensive line and the quarterback, then he moved at the last moment.