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    Oscar Awards Definition Match -

    Directions: MATCH the Oscar Awards word list with its vocabulary definition. Use the pull down menu bar to select the letter match for the Oscar Awards word puzzle.
    When you hit "Submit," you will get back the correct Oscar Awards definition match answers, the percentage score for the correct answers and a sentence.
    Clue: In addition to this Oscar Awards Definition Match with an Oscar Awards and Fine Arts vocabulary list of 16 vocabulary words, also provides an Oscar Awards and Fine Arts Fill-in-the-Blank word game. See also an Interactive Word Puzzle, Word Search, Crossword, Synonym and Antonym puzzle and a True or False activity.
    You have permission to print Oscar Awards and Fine Arts word puzzles for more vocabulary word study at home or in classes.
    Word List
    1) statue
    2) nomination
    3) adaptation
    4) performance
    5) cinematography
    6) portrayal
    7) fantasy
    8) celebrity
    9) festival
    10) comedy
    11) supporting
    12) artistry
    13) musical
    14) drama
    15) script
    16) documentary
    Definition List
    A)  Something that is modified in structure, especially a composition rewritten into a new form (noun)
    B)  Creative interpretation, ability or effect; imaginative skill in execution (noun)
    C)  A person who is honored, praised or known publicly (noun)
    D)  The art or science of motion-picture photography (noun)
    E)  A light amusing play with a happy ending; dramatic literature dealing with the serious in a light or satirical way; an amusing event (noun)
    F)  A presentation giving factual material in artistic form (noun)
    G)  A composition telling a story through action and dialogue and designed for theatrical performances: play; a series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces (noun)
    H)  Something produced by a person's imagination; a mental invention (noun)
    I)  A periodic season or program of cultural events or entertainment; time of celebration marked by special observances (noun)
    J)  A film or theatrical production consisting of numbers and dialogue that develop a plot set to the art of combining tones, rhythm, harmony and melody (noun)
    K)  The instance of choosing a candidate for election or honor; the proposal for an office (noun)
    L)  The action of representing a character; the execution of a presentation; something accomplished (noun)
    M)  The enactment of a role: representation; a portrait of (noun)
    N)  The written text of a stage play, movie or a broadcast; printed lettering: handwriting (noun)
    O)  A likeness of a person or animal sculptured, modeled or cast in a solid substance (noun)
    P)  Acting in a lesser role with; assisting: helping (adjective)