Fine Arts: Oscar Awards

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Vocabulary Word List: 36 words: accolade, actor, actress, adaptation, artistry, atrocious, brilliant, celebrity, ceremony, cinematography, cinematography, comedy, designer, director, documentary, drama, entertainment, fantasy, festival, filmmaker, musical, nomination, performance, portrayal, premiere, screen, screenplay, script, scriptwriter, statue, supporting, trophy, visual-effects, wardrobe, whiner, winner

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Vocabulary Word List for Fine Arts: Oscar Awards (306)

  • A)

    Academy, Acceptance, Accolades, Accommodate, Achievement, Actor, Actress, Adaptation, Admire, Affection, Agent, Announcement, Anticipation, Anxiety, Appreciation, Artistry, Atrocious, Attraction, Audience, Award, Awesome

  • B)

    Backlash, Backstage, Ball-gowned, Ballot, Banner, Best, Best-director, Big-name, Black-&-white, Boost, Box-office, Brilliant, Broadcast, Buzz

  • C)

    Camera, Capacity, Career, Category, Catwalk, Celebration, Celebrities, Ceremony, Charisma, Charm, Cheering, Chemistry, Choreograph, Cinema goer, Cinematography, Comedy, Commemorate, Commercial, Commercialism, Commitment, Composer, Conference, Confidence, Consolation, Console, Conspicuous, Contribution, Costuming, Coveted, Craft, Craftsmanship, Credit(s), Cynicism

  • D)

    Debut, Decoration, Deft, Demeanor, Designer, Dialog, Dignify, Dignity, Direction, Documentaries, Drama, Dramatize, Dynamic

  • E)

    Ecstasy, Ecstatic, Editing, Editor, Ego, Emotion, Emotional, Enhance, Enigmatic, Envelope, Epic, Escapism, Esteem, Experience

  • F)

    Failure, Famous, Fans, Fashion, Feature, Festival, Fierce, Film, Filming, Filmmaker, Foreign film, Fracas, Frou-frou, Fuddy-duddy, Fuss

  • G)

    Gander, Genial, Genius, Genre, Gleaming, Glorious, Greed, Gross, Gruff, Gutsy

  • H)

    Hatred, Hollywood, Host, Hostess, Hubbub

  • I)

    Insight, Intense

  • J)

    Jealousy, Jokes, Joking, Journalists, Joy, Judge

  • K)

    Keen, Knockout

  • L)

    Laud, Laughter, Lengthy, Lifetime, Like, Lose, Loser, Love, Luster

  • M)

    Magical, Magnificence, Magnificent, Makeup, Media, Melodramatic, Members, Membership, Mezzanine, Miffed, Mixed media, Moment, Momentum, Motion picture, Musical

  • N)

    Neckline, Nomination, Nominee, Nostalgia

  • O)

    Official, Opening night, Original, Oscar, Overlook, Overrated

  • P)

    Panel, Passionate, Payroll, Perfectionism, Perform, Performance, Performer, Picture, Pinnacle, Podium, Popular, Popularity, Portray, Portrayal, Pose, Predict, Premiere, Preparation, Presence, Presenter, Pressure, Prestigious, Prize, Procession, Proclaim, Production, Profession, Prognosticator, Program, Programming, Projection, Projector

  • Q)

    Quail, Quake, Quest, Quick, Quiet

  • R)

    Ratings, Recipient, Recognition, Record, Recording, Red-carpet, Rehearsal, Release, Rendition, Replica, Reserve, Resilience, Respected, Revenues, Revival, Role, Romantic, Root

  • S)

    Saga, Salute, Scenario, Scoop, Score, Screen, Screenplay, Script, Seatings, Seats, Selection, Sentiment, Sequence, Shine, Shoo-in, Shooting, Shrine, Slam-dunk, Smash, Smear, Sobs, Speculation, Speech, Spiel, Splendid, Spotlight, Stage, Star, Stardom, Stare, Starlet, Starlight, Statue, Statuette, Stress, Studio, Stunning, Style, Stylistically, Success, Supporting, Surprise, Sway, Sweepstakes, Synergy

  • T)

    Talent, Tears, Technique, Telecast, Television, Tension, Theater, Theme, Tickets, Tracker, Treatment, Tribute, Triumph, Trumpet

  • U)

    Ultimate, Underdog, Uplifting, Upstage

  • V)

    Venue, Versatile, Verve, Victory, Visible, Vision, Visual-effects, Vivid, Vote, Voting

  • W)

    Wardrobe, Winner, Wisecrack, World-class, Writer

  • X)


  • Y)

    Yesteryear, Yore, Youth

  • Z)


Emotional feelings word list associated with a win!
amusement, appreciative, awed
calm, certain, cheerful, comical, contented
delighted, dynamic, dynamism
eagerness, ecstatic, elation, elevated, enchanted, enthusiastic, euphoria, exalted, excited, exuberant
gay, glad, grateful, gratified
happy, hilarious, humored
jolly, jovial, joyful, jubilant
overjoyed, overwhelmed
pleased, proud
satisfied, sentimental, shocked, smug, speechless, surprised,
terrific, thrilled, tongue-tied, triumphant
unprepared, unrestrained
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