Equinox, Space and Solstice

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Vocabulary Word List: 28 words: aphelion, apogee, astronomer, autumnal, azimuth, constellation, corona, eclipse, elliptical, equinox, lunar, observation, occlude, penumbra, perigee, perihelion, planet, refract, saros, seasonal, solar, solstice, spectroscope, steroid, synodic month, telescopic, totality, vernal

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Vocabulary Word List for Equinox, Space and Solstice (356)

  • A)

    Aberration, Absolute, Acceleration, Achievement, Administration, Adventure, Aerodynamics, Aerogel, Aerospace, Agency, Air Force, Alien, Altitude, Ambient, Ammonia, Analysis, Anomaly, Apex, Aphelion, Apogee, Apotheosis, Arc, Ascendant, Asteroid, Astronaut, Astronomer, Astronomy, Atmosphere, Aurora borealis, Axis, Azimuth

  • B)

    Beyond, Big Bang theory, Binary, Black hole, Blazing, Bodies, Buffet, Burn, Burst, Byproduct

  • C)

    Carbon dioxide, Celestial, Centrifugal force, Ceremony, Challenger, Chaos, Circular, Cislunar, Climate, Clouds, Cold, Collision, Colossal, Combustion, Comet, Commander, Communication, Composition, Conjunction, Consequence, Constellation, Contribution, Corona, Cosmic, Cosmology, Cosmonaut, Crater, Crew, Crowd, Cusp

  • D)

    Danger, Data, Declination, Degree, Density, Deploy, Descendant, Descent, Disaster, Discovery, Disintegrate, Display, Distant, Documentation, Domination, Double star, Drift, Dust, Dwarf planet

  • E)

    Eclipse, Ecliptic, Edmond, Einstein, Electron, Ellipse, Emission, Encircle, Engineer, Eon, Equator, Equinox, Equipment, Evidence, Evolution, Exobiology, Expansion, Expedition, Experiment, Exploration, Explosion, Exposure, External, Extraterrestrial

  • F)

    Fireball, Flight, Fluorocarbon content, Force field, Formation, Fossil fuel, Fragment, Full moon

  • G)

    Galactic, Galaxy, Galileo, Gamma rays, Gaseous, Geocentric, Geophysics, Global, Glory, Gravitation, Gravity, Gyroscope

  • H)

    Halley, Halo, Hazard, Head-quarters, Heat, Heavenly body, Hemisphere, Herschel (Alexander and Caroline), Historic, Honor, Horizon, Horizon, Horoscope, Hubble, Hydraulic, Hypothesis

  • I)

    Icy, Ignite, Ignition, Illumination, Image, Immediate, Impact, Impulse, Industry, Inquiry, Inspection, Instruments, Intergalactic, Interplanetary, Interstellar, Investigation, Ionosphere, Ions

  • J)

    Jettison, Journey, Jupiter, Justification

  • K)

    Kilometers, Kuiper Belt

  • L)

    Laboratory, Land form, Launch, Launch pad, Legacy, Liftoff, Light years, Location, Luminosity, Lunar

  • M)

    Magnetic, Magnitude, Maneuver, Map, Mars, Marvel, Measurements, Meteor, Meteorite, Methane, Milky Way, Mission, Module, Molecules, Moon, Moons

  • N)

    Nadir, NASA, Navigation, Nebula, Newton, Node, North Star, Northern Lights, Nova, Nutation

  • O)

    Objective, Objects, Observable, Operation, Orbit, Origin, Outer space, Overlap, Ozone

  • P)

    Parallax, Particles, Path, Penetrate, Penumbra, Perigee, Phase, Pioneer, Planet, Planetarium, Planetary, Polestar, Positions, Praise, Probe, Productive, Program, Propellant, Propulsion, Protection, Proton, Prototype, Public, Pulsar

  • Q)

    Quarter moon, Quasar, Quest, Questions, Quintessence

  • R)

    Radiation, Rays, Re-entry, Reflector, Reject, Relativity, Reliability, Rendezvous, Research, Responsibility, Restriction, Revolution, Revolve, Rings, Rocket, Rocks, Rotation

  • S)

    Satellite, Scientific, Scientist, Seismometer, Sensation, Session, Sextant, Shooting star, Shuttle, Significant, Simulation, Sir Issac, Size, Sky, Soar, Solar system, Solstice, Space, Space craft, Space station, Spatial, Spectrometry, Spectrum, Spherical, Spinning, Star dust, Stars, Stellar, Storms, Stratosphere, Subatomic, Success, Sun, Sunspot, Super nova, Support, Sustain, Swirling, Syzygy

  • T)

    Technology, Telescope, Temperature, Terra, Thrust, Tide, Track, Tragedy, Training, Trajectory, Transmissions, Transport, Turbulence, Twinkle

  • U)

    Ultraviolet rays, Umbra, Unique, Universe, Unknown, Unstable, Uranus

  • V)

    Vaporize, Variation, Variety, Vast, Vehicle, Velocity, Vent, Venus, Vibration, Vicinity, View, Violence, Virtual, Visible, Vision, Volcanic, Voluntary, Voyage

  • W)

    Waning moon, Warming, Wavelength, Waxing moon, Weather, Weightlessness, Whirl

  • X)


  • Y)


  • Z)

    Zeal, Zenith, Zero, Zodiac, Zone

Planets in the solar system listed in proximity to the sun

Here is a SOLAR SYSTEM mnemonic to help memorize the names of the planets.
M = My
V = Very
E = Energetic
M = Monkey
J = Just
S = Sat
U = Upon
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