Columbus Day

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Vocabulary Word List: 12 words: audacious, challenge, discovery, expedition, exploration, explorer, intrepid, intrigue, mysterious, sextant, valiant, voyage

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Vocabulary Word List for Columbus Day (275)

  • A)

    Ability, Account, Adventure(r), Ambush, Ashcake, Aspiration, Attack

  • B)

    Barefoot, Beads, Beaver, Befriend, Beset, Bluff, Boundaries, Brave

  • C)

    Cabin, Camp, Caravel, Cargo, Cartographer, Challenges, Claim, Climb, Colonization, Combative, Compass, Compromise, Constructive, Countries, Courage, Courageous, Craft, Critters, Crossing

  • D)

    Danger, Decimate, Defeat, Defense, Defenseless, Demoralize, Departure, Desertion, Destructive, Difficulties, Diplomacy, Discipline, Discovery, Disease, Dispatch, Dreams, Drifts

  • E)

    Encampment, Encounter, Encroachment, Endeavor, Endurance, Energy, Enforcement, Epic, Escape, Exhaustion, Expanse, Expansionist, Expectation, Expedition, Experience, Exploration, Explore, Exultation

  • F)

    Fatigue, Fever, Fierce, Firearms, Flotilla, Follow, Foresail, Forests, Forge, Foster, Friendships, Frontier

  • G)

    Gather, Germs, Goal, Goodwill, Grant, Graves

  • H)

    Habitat, Hardy, Haul, Hiking, Historic, Homeland, Hospitable, Hunger, Hunt, Hygiene, Hygienic

  • I)

    Icy, Illusion, Imagination, Immigrant, Immune, Impassable, Incidents, Indians, Indigenous, Individual, Infection, Influenza, Inhabitant, Injury, Insistence, Intercept, International, Interpretation, Interpreter, Intrepid, Isolation

  • J)

    Jargon, Journal, Journey

  • K)

    Kin, Kindred, Knives

  • L)

    Land, Launch, Leader, Legacy, Limitations, Loss, Lucky

  • M)

    Map, Mapping, March, Maximize, Miscreant, Misgivings, Mission, Misstep, Misunderstandings, Mosquitoes, Motivation, Mountain, Musket, Mysterious

  • N)

    Navigable, Navigation, Notable

  • O)

    Opportunity, Opt, Optimism, Outback, Outbreak, Outcropping, Outdoorsman, Outpost

  • P)

    Painstaking, Panic, Participation, Perilous, Perseverance, Plague, Plunder, Portage, Preparations, Prevention, Pristine, Protection, Provisions

  • Q)

    Quarters, Quick, Quiet, Quiver

  • R)

    Rafts, Range, Rapids, Record, Recovery, Recruit, Reload, Remote, Repellent, Resilient, Resistance, Revere, Rifle, Risk, Riverbank, Rivers, Rope, Rot, Route, Rugged

  • S)

    Sage, Salmon, Salt pork, Sanitary, Seaworthy, Significant, Site, Skirmish, Smallpox, Specimens, Spirit, Stages, Stamina, Starvation, Strategy, Streams, Strength, Strong, Suet, Supper, Supplies, Surveying, Survival, Sustain, Sustenance, Symptoms

  • T)

    Tension, Territory, Terror, Ticks, Timber, Tomahawk, Trace, Traders, Trail, Travelers, Traverse, Trek, Tremble, Trepidation, Trinket, Trust

  • U)

    Ultimate, Unbelievable, Understanding, Unfamiliar, Unpopulated, Unusual, Unusual, Urgent

  • V)

    Valiant, Valor, Vanquish, Venison, Vicious, View, Village, Violation, Violence, Virus, Vital, Voyage

  • W)

    Waive, Warnings, Water route, Waterfall, Waylay, Weary, Westward, Wharf, Wilderness, Wince, Wintering, Work, Wounds

  • X)


  • Y)

    Yell, Yelp, Youthful

  • Z)

    Zeal, Zealous

Christopher Columbus Lesson Plan
Christopher Columbus Word List Grade Levels: 3nd through 7th
(could be used for higher grades)
Christopher Columbus Explorer Objectives: Teach students to appreciate history and problem solve; introduce use of the Internet, magazines, newspapers; use technology resources; include stories, poetry and written work
Christopher Columbus Overview
Christopher Columbus was a sea captain from Genoa, Italy. He tried to persuade King John II of Portugal to allow him to have or lead an expedition Westward. Advisers rejected the plan. Queen Isabella of Spain accepted a plan in 1492. Columbus sailed from Palos, Spain on August 3, 1492. San Salvador was the first land sighted by the Pinta. He also visited Hispanola.
Columbus Day is associated with a song or little poem to remind citizens of the date. "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..."

Christopher Columbus ACTIVITY: Each student can prepare for a trip/journey, just like Columbus. Hand out manila folders. Make them look like a suitcase. Provide magazines or newspapers, cut out pictures for essential/necessary/useful items for a sea voyage or long trip.
Consult the Internet/newspapers/magazines to search for stories about Columbus and to find maps of his travels.
What clothing would have been appropriate for four seasons and various weather conditions? What types of useful things should be included besides food and clothes? What type of person would want to make an adventure/ trip? Who would make a good crew person? Discuss choices.
(Suggestion: Compile a master list with students choices)

Christopher Columbus Lesson Plan: Ask students about the longest and best/worst trip they have taken. If a student hasn't traveled, have him/her imagine places to go.
Have older students discuss why Indians probably did not like the early explorers who came and claimed lands in North American. Why did they have that opinion?
Include ideas/examples/pictures to a white board. Have students examine what others found. Have them discuss two lists they like best! Assign written work relating to Christopher Columbus, his adventures and exploration. offers more than 655 word lists. To see more word lists, please go to the home page for interactive worksheets, word puzzles, word games and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees.