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    Chemistry Definition Match --

    Directions: MATCH the Chemistry vocabulary list numbered in the left hand column with the proper definitions of the 16 words in letters "A to P" in the right hand column. Use the pull down menu bar to choose the correct letter match for the definition match word puzzle.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the correct answers for the Chemistry Definition Match and percentage score for correct answers.
    Clue: This Chemistry word puzzle includes a Definition Match, an Interactive Word Puzzle, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Word Search, Crossword, Synonym or Antonym and True or False activity with this same Chemistry word list of 26 vocabulary words.
    You have permission to make a hard copy of the Chemistry Definition Match for more vocabulary study at home or in classes.
    Word List
    1) catalyst
    2) volatile
    3) refractory
    4) hydrate
    5) reaction
    6) abrasive
    7) saturate
    8) inhibition
    9) molecule
    10) isotope
    11) coagulate
    12) dilute
    13) synthesis
    14) soluble
    15) corrosion
    16) fusion
    Definition List
    A)  Tending to wear off or down by scraping or rubbing; inclined to annoy or irritate
    B)  A person or thing that precipitates an event or change
    C)  To congeal; to solidify, set, gel; to thicken; to clot
    D)  Process of eating or wearing away gradually usually by chemical action
    E)  To make thinner or weaker by the addition of more liquid
    F)  The act of combining or blending into a whole
    G)  To cause to take up or combine chemically with water
    H)  An agent or substance that slows, interferes or stops a chemical action
    I)  One of two or more forms of a chemical element (with same # of protons and same atomic # but different # of neutrons or different atomic weights)
    J)  The smallest particle of a substance; a tiny bit
    K)  An action in response to some influence, event etc.; a chemical transformation or change
    L)  Resistant to treatment; unresponsive to stimulus; difficult to fuse, corrode or draw out; especially capable of enduring high temperatures
    M)  To soak thoroughly or completely; to load, fill or charge to the utmost
    N)  Capable or susceptible of being liquefied or emulsified
    O)  A complex made up of parts or elements put together
    P)  Readily becoming fine particles of matter floating in the air at a relatively low temperature; liable to sudden changes