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    Basketball Definition Match --

    In the BASKETBALL MATCH activity, use the pull down menu bar to choose a word from the basketball vocabulary list in the right hand column.
    When you hit Submit, you will get back the correct answers for Basketball definition match as well as the percentage score for correct answers.
    In addition to the Basketball vocabulary list and Basketball Definition Match, see also an interactive Word Puzzle, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Word Search, and Crossword activity

    You have permission to make a copy for Basketball Definition Match for more vocabulary study.
    Word List
    1) officiate
    2) pivot
    3) assist
    4) flagrant
    5) perimeter
    6) domination
    7) technical
    8) charge
    9) regulation
    10) feign
    11) victorious
    12) possession
    13) substitute
    14) dribble
    15) rebound
    16) violation
    17) intensity
    18) shooter
    Definition List
    A)  Credit given a player who makes a pass that leads to a score (noun)
    B)  To run into a stationary player creating a penalty (verb)
    C)  Exercising rule or control (noun)
    D)  To put on an appearance of; to invent deceptively (verb)
    E)  Glaringly offensive; shockingly evident (adjective)
    F)  To bounce the basketball in any direction (verb)
    G)  Great in force, strength or amount (noun)
    H)  To serve as a referee in a game (verb)
    I)  The whole outer boundary (noun)
    J)  Move by a player requiring a spin of the foot while on the floor (noun)
    K)  The fact of ownership (noun)
    L)  To capture the basketball after a missed shot at the basket (verb)
    M)  A rule to control conduct (noun)
    N)  Name of person throwing the basketball at the hoop (noun)
    O)  To replace a person (verb)
    P)  Judged by a stringent interpretation of the rules (adjective)
    Q)  Conquering; triumphant; having achieved success (adjective)
    R)  Act of breaking or infringing a law; a breach (noun)