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  • Common Core alignment to a Crossword puzzle is to three key phrases:
    "Precise Meaning", "Spell Correctly" and "Grade Level".
    CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    Precise Meaning: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4e, 3.4d, 4.4c, 5.4c, 6.4c, 7.4c, 8.4c, 9-10.4c, 11-12.4c
    Spell Correctly: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: L.2.2d+e, L.3.2e+f, L.4.2d, L.5.2d, L.6.2b, L.7.2b, L.8.2c, L.9-10.2c, L.11-12.2b
    Grade Level: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 5.4, 6.4, 7.4, 8.4, 9-10.4, 11-12.4
  • 1) Art-in-Act #1 --

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    3 - referring to the difference in brightness between light and dark areas
    8 - the element of design that refers to the actual or visual roughness of a surface
    11 - the implied or actual line where the earth and sky meet
    12 - a painting whose subject is natural scenery
    13 - an egg-shaped or elliptical form or figure
    14 - Leader of the Impressionist movement; first name Claude, 1840-1926
    16 - an impression or feeling of a painting treated by the use of color and line
    17 - Impressionist artist born in France 1837-1917; first name Edgar
    18 - the part of the picture that appears farthest away


    1 - a principal of design referring to the arrangement of parts
    2 - a mixture of pigment and a suitable liquid spread on surfaces
    4 - close together
    5 - art style; a painting style originating in France about 1870
    6 - showing emotion or feelings
    7 - the lines in paint created by a paintbrush
    9 - the part of the image that appears to be closest to the viewer
    10 - a thick application of paint resulting in visible brush strokes
    15 - being of great depth or extent; dense; opposite of thin

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