April Fools' Day

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Vocabulary Word List: absurd, antics, appeal, April, astute, audacious, bamboozle, bantering, befuddle, bemuse, bewilder, bluffing, bogus, bold, brainless, buffoon, bunkum, calendar, caper, celebrate, celebration, childish, chuckle, comical, confusion, contrary, crafty, crazy, custom, dabble, daft, delude, dopey, droll, dumbfound, dupe, enthusiasm, fake, farce, feign, fib, finagle, first day, folly, fool, fourth month, game, guess, harebrained, harmless, hint, hoax, hokum, hoodwink, humorous, idiotic, ill-considered, illogical, imagination, inappropriate, incautious, initiate, jest, jester, jokes, jokester, josh, kidding, kooky, lampoon, laughter, levity, loony, ludicrous, madcap, make believe, malarkey, mindless, mischief, misdirect, mislead, monkey business, month, muse, nonsense, nonsensical, nutty, observance, oddity, peculiar, phony, playful, popularity, prank, preposterous, pretend, query, quirk, rattle, riddle, screwy, senseless, shallow, shenanigans, shrewd, silliness, silly, spontaneous, spoof, spur of the moment, stories, stump, superstition, surprise, talent, tomfoolery, trick, trifle, triviality, trumpery, uncanny, understanding, unexpected, unique, universal, unwary, victim, victimize, wacky, wary, whim, whimsical, widespread, wise-acre, wit, zany

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Vocabulary Word List for April Fools' Day (149)

  • A)

    Absurd, Amusing, Antics, Appeal, April, Astute, Audacious

  • B)

    Bamboozle, Bantering, Befuddle, Bemuse, Bewilder, Bluffing, Bogus, Bold, Brainless, Buffoon, Bunkum

  • C)

    Calendar, Caper, Celebrate, Celebration, Childish, Chuckle, Comical, Confusion, Contrary, Crafty, Crazy, Cunning, Custom

  • D)

    Dabble, Daft, Delude, Dopey, Droll, Dumbfound, Dupe

  • E)

    Enthusiasm, Entomophobia, Eremophobia, Erythrism, Esosphobia fake

  • F)

    Farce, Feign, Fib, Finagle, First day, Folly, Fool, Fourth month

  • G)

    Game, Guess

  • H)

    Harebrained, Harmless, Hidden, Hint, Hoax, Hokum, Hoodwink, Humorous

  • I)

    Idiotic, Ill-considered, Illogical, Imagination, Inappropriate, Incautious, Initiate

  • J)

    Jest, Jester, Joker, Jokes, Josh

  • K)

    Kidding, Kooky

  • L)

    Lampoon, Laughter, Levity, Lighthearted, Loony, Ludicrous

  • M)

    Madcap, Make believe, Malarkey, Mindless, Mischief, Misdirect, Mislead, Monkey business, Month, Muse

  • N)

    Nonsense, Nonsensical, Nutty

  • O)

    Observance, Oddity

  • P)

    Peculiar, Phony, Playful, Popularity, Prank, Preposterous, Pretend, Punch line

  • Q)

    Query, Quirk

  • R)

    Rattle, Riddle, Ridiculous

  • S)

    Screwy, Senseless, Shallow, Shenanigans, Shrewd, Silliness, Silly, Spontaneous, Spoof, Spur of the moment, Stories, Stump, Superstition, Surprise

  • T)

    Talent, Tease, Tomfoolery, Trick, Trifle, Triviality, Trumpery

  • U)

    Uncanny, Understanding, Unexpected, Unique, Universal, Unusual, Unwary

  • V)

    Victim, Victimize

  • W)

    Wacky, Wary, Whim, Whimsical, Widespread, Wise-acre, Wit

  • X)


  • Y)


  • Z)


April Fools' Day Information
April Fools' Day is celebrated as the fools day. People usually try to make fools of one another on this day.

Sourced from Poor Robin's Almanac 1760
The first of April, some do say
Is set apart for All Fools' Day;
But why the people call it so
Nor I, nor they themselves, do know.

In France, the day is called: Poisson d'avril (April fish)
In Scotland, the term is April gowk

The first day of April is also known as APRIL FOOLS DAY. In many countries, particularly those where English is spoken, people often play silly, and usually harmless, jokes on one another. After a prank occurs, someone yells, April Fools to indicate a joke has been played. This custom originated in France under the rule of Charles IX in the year 1564. Before this time the New Year celebration took place on March 21 and ended on April 1. Even with the change to January, some people still celebrated on April 1. Those people were referred to as April fools. Therefore, the habit of fooling people became popular, especially in France but expanded to other locations. For example, in the 1600's the custom was widely known. Source: Elizabeth H. Sechrist in World Book Encyclopedia, letter A.

April 1, April Fools Day
No one goes hungry
All people are fed
The oceans are clean
Lake Erie is not dead
The Irish are not fighting
The Arabs love Jews
The swords are now plowshares
Now ain't that good news?
The water is delicious
The air is so clear
On top of a mountain
You see to next year.
Couples stay married
Children are jewels
Sure got you going!
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