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    Animal Farm Definition Match --

    Directions: Animal Farm by George Orwell has a DEFINITION MATCH that includes an Animal Farm word list. Use the pull down Select bar to choose the correct letter match for the Animal Farm word puzzle.
    When you hit Submit, you will get back the correct answers to Animal Farm Definition Match as well as the percentage score for correct answers.
    Clue: The Animal Farm word list by George Orwell comes directly from the book vocabulary. In addition to this Animal Farm Definition Match, also has an Interactive Word Puzzle and Fill-in-the-Blanks.
    You have permission to make a copy for more vocabulary study for Animal Farm at home or in classes.
    Word List
    2) PREY
    8) KNOLL
    10) BLITHELY
    11) DIN
    13) SCULLERY
    14) GAMBOL
    15) QUARRY
    Definition List
    A)  Expressing goodwill or kindly feelings; desiring to help others (adjective)
    B)  Of a happily lighthearted character or disposition; heedlessly (adv.)
    C)  Deserving of disdain, disrespect or hatred (adjective)
    D)  A loud noise, esp. a jumble of confused or discordant sounds (noun)
    E)  To place or hide securely: conceal; to establish comfortably: settle snugly (verb)
    F)  To skip about in play: frisk (verb)
    G)  Marked by personal disgrace, dishonor or shame: dishonorable; shameful (adjective)
    H)  Threatening to occur soon: approaching, looming (adjective)
    I)  A small round hill: mound (noun)
    J)  A crafty scheme or plot usually intended to accomplish some evil end, usually used in plural (noun)
    K)  Evil in influence or effect: injurious; likely to produce death by growing throughout the body; invasive (adjective)
    L)  A soft usually heated mass spread on a cloth and applied to lesions (noun)
    M)  To raid; to seize and devour something; to have injurious, destructive or wasting effect (fears) (verb)
    N)  The object of a chase: game; prey (noun)
    O)  A room for cleaning and storing dishes, culinary utensils, washing vegetables and similar domestic work (noun)
    P)  Someone who approaches with a request or plea; a British lawyer; chief law officer (noun)