• The Synonym & Antonym puzzle is 1 of 8 word puzzles and activities.
  • Use the Greek and Latin word root word list to select the best word choice. Email your answers to friends, family and teachers.
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  • Common Core alignment to a Synonym & Antonym puzzle is to key phrase:
    "Synonyms & Antonyms" CCSS Alignment Strand for Specific Grades:
    Synonyms & Antonyms: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy" precedes these numbers: 2.5, 3.5+c, 4.5c, 5.5c, 6.5c, 7.5b+c, 8.5b+c, 9-10.5+5b, 11-12.5+5b
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    1) Word Roots 10: JECT, PEND, LECT Synonym or Antonym Word Puzzle, Beginner --

    Directions: Choose a SYNONYM or ANTONYM for each of the six words at the beginner level. Type your answer in the selected box.
    When you hit submit, you will get back the correct answers, part of speech, a sentence and percentage score.
    Clue: There are 24 answers. Each Synonym or Antonym box has 2 correct answers found on the word list. Choose TWO words for each box.
    In addition to this puzzle, also includes a free Interactive Puzzle, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Word Search, Crossword, Definition Match and True or False activity.
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    Vocabulary Word List: Synonyms: Beginner
    discontinue, dismiss, disregard, fictitious, inattention, interrupt, mythical, sadly, self-reliant, spurn, unhappily, unrestricted
    Antonyms: Beginner
    cheerfully, choose, concern, enthusiastically, factual, interest, maintain, sustain, select, subordinate, subservient, true
    Synonym Antonym
    1)  negligence
    2)  legendary
    3)  reject
    4)  suspend
    5)  dejectedly
    6)  independent