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  • Common Core alignment to Daily Word Root Puzzle is to the key phrase:
    "GREEK & LATIN AFFIXES and ROOTS". CCSS Alignment Strand Numbers for Specific Grades:
    "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4b+c, 3.4b+c, 4.4b, 5.b, 6.4b, 7.4b, 8.4b, 9-10.4b, 11-12.4b
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    A government with a chief of state, not a monarch, who is usually a president (noun)
    Root PUBLIC = public, belonging to the people

    Early political principle favoring a strong centralized national government (noun)
    Root FED-FOED = league, compact

    Having the power or performing the function of enacting laws (adjective)
    Root LEG = law

    A strong support or involvement with members of two parties (noun)
    Root PART = divide, share, separate

    An improvement, a modification, addition or correction, proposed or made, in a law, motion or bill (noun)
    Root MEND = fault, defect, error