Wolves Vocabulary Word List (131)

A)Aggressive, Alive, Alpha, Animal, Arctic
B)Beast, Beauty, Blizzards, Blood
C)Carcass, Chill, Cold, Color, Communication, Conservation, Consume, Creature, Crying
D)Danger, Dens, Destroy, Disease
E)Endangered, Enemy, Enforce, Environment
F)Fangs, Fear, Feast, Federal, Females, Fights, Find, Flank, Flesh, Force, Forests, Frightening, Frigid, Frozen, Fur
G)Gray wolves
H)Habitat, Hair, Human
I)Inhabit, Interest, Interference, Isolation, Issues
J)Jaws, Jealousy
K)Keen eyesight, Keen smell
L)Landscape, Laws, Lone, Long distances, Lunge, Lupine, Lure
M)Magnificent, Males, Maligned, Malnourished, Mate, Mature, Meal, Moonlight, Movement, Muzzle
N)Naturalist, Nature
P)Pack, Parks, Paws, Population, Predator, Predator, Prey, Protection, Pups
R)Rangers, Regulations, Rescue, Resilient, Rival, Rivalry
S)Savage, Scare, Scientists, Search, Sense of smell, Size, Slaughter, Slaughter, Sleep, Snow, Solitude, Species, Stalk, Starvation, Superstitions, Surveillance, Survival, Sustain
T)Temperatures, Terrain, Territory, Threats, Ticks, Tolerance, Traditional, Trapped, Turf
U)Unique, Unusual
V)Vicious, Victims, Voracious, Vultures
W)Warrior, Weather, Wilderness, Wolf
Y)Yelp, Yip, Young, Youth
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