Valentine's Day Vocabulary Word List (161)

A)Admiration, Adorable, Adoration, Adore, Affection, Affectionate, Allegiance, Amorous, Amour, Angel, Ardent, Ardor, Attachments, Attract, Attraction, Attractive, Awe
B)Beau, Beautiful, Beauty, Beloved, Bonds, Boyfriend
C)Candy, Captivate, Cards, Care, Casanova, Celebrate, Charm, Cherish, Chocolate, Commitment, Cordial, Courtship, Cozy, Cupid
D)Darling, Date, Dear, Declaration, Desire, Devoted, Devotion, Dine, Doilies, Don Juan, Dreamy
E)Embrace, Emotion, Enamored, Endear, Endearment, Engagement, Enrapture, Eros, Eternal, Excite
F)Fancy, Fantasy, Fascinate, Fascination, Favor, Favorite, Fellowship, Fiance, Fiancee, Flavor, Fling, Flirt, Flowers, Fond of, Friendship
G)Gallant, Gem, Gifts, Girlfriend, Goodness
H)Heart, Heartthrob, Honey, Honor, Hugs
I)Idolize, Inamorata, Inclination, Infatuation
J)Jewelry, Jewels, Joy
K)Karma, Kismet, Kisses
L)Lace, Liaison, Lifelong, Like, Lilies, Lothario, Love, Lover, Lovesick
M)Marry, Maternal, Mostly
N)Nighttime, Nirvana, Notion, Nurture
O)Only one, Opulent, Osculation
P)Passion, Perfume, Plants, Precious, Prize, Profess
Q)Quaint, Quality, Queen
R)Rapture, Rapturous, Red, Regard, Remembrance, Restaurant, Revere, Ribbon, Riddle, Romance, Romantic, Romeo
S)Sachets, Seduce, Smitten, Special, Suitor, Surprise, Sweet, Sweetheart, Swoon
T)Tantalizing, Tender, Tenderness, Token, Truelove
U)Unique, Unusual, Us
V)Valentino, Venus, Verses
W)Warmth, Woo
Y)Yearning, Your, Youth
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Valentine EXPRESSIONS with words of ENDEARMENT:
be crazy/nuts about someone be sweet on someone carry a torch for doll dumpling fall for go steady with my love superstar sweetheart turn one's head wear one's heart on one's sleeve

Let's talk about kisses at Valentine's Day:Do you know?

1. A person burns 26 calories in a one-minute kiss.
2. Human brains have special neurons to help couples find each others' lips in the dark.
3. As many as 278 colonies of bacteria are exchanged during a kiss.
4. An average person spends two weeks of their life kissing.
5. The scientific name for kissing is osculation.
6. A man who kisses his lady goodbye when he leaves for work every morning averages a higher income than a man who doesn't.
7. Ninety percent of people worldwide kiss on the lips according to anthropologists.
8. Fifty percent of people have kissed before they turned 14.
9. Kissing can be a beauty treatment. Scientific tests show that good kissing helps reduce dermatitis, blemishes and skin rashes.
10. Kissing makes your hair glow and your hair shine.
adapted from Ruth McConnell, author of The Kissing Cure.

Valentine's Day Lesson Plan and Activities:
Have students make a Valentine's card using the newspaper. For example a picture of a broom (cut from an ad) could be glued to a paper heart with the saying "You've swept me off my feet", or a picture of a can of nuts can be used with the phrase "I'm nuts about you." (Suggested by BW, Ogden, Utah)

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt
1. Find something in a newspaper or magazine in the shape of a heart.
2. Find an activity in the newspaper or magazine that you would love to do if you had the time and money.
3. Locate any 5 items that come in pairs.
4. Choose a gift from a magazine or newspaper that you could give to someone.
5. Find an example of something that would improve your HEARTiness or condition of being physically fit or healthy.
6. Read about and then share with someone a story about a person you know or know about who suffers from heartache caused by loss or despair. How could he/she/they be helped?
7. Name someone who has heart or shows compassion for others.
9. Have you heard or seen an article with heartening news that would inspire confidence or hope in the future?
10. Give an example of someone who was heartless or totally lacking in compassion or caring for his or her fellow man/women.
11. Find an item, object in a magazine or newspaper that you would like to buy that would be a sweetheart of a deal.
12. Cut words from articles, magazines or a newspaper to write or make a love letter, Valentine message or poem. Sign it with the number 143 (that stands for I Love You. (I=1, Love=4, You=3). (Adapted from ideas by AE, McAllen, Texas & DG, St. Joseph)

Valentine's Day expressions or cliches with the word HEART in them
a bleeding heart- a heartbeat away- a heavy heart- after ones own heart- an aching heart- at heart- break someone's heart- cross one's heart and hope to die- eat one's heart out- from the bottom of ones heart- have a heart- have your heart in your mouth- have your heart in the right place- have your heart set on- in your heart of hearts- lose your heart to- near or close to your heart- set your heart at rest- set your heart on fire- take to heart- take heart- the heart of the matter- to your hearts content- wear your heart on your sleeve with all your heart

Valentine's Day COMPOUND WORDS or what appear to be compound words:

heartache --- heart-attack --- heartbeat --- heart-block --- heartbreak --- heart-breaker --- heartbreaking --- heartbroken --- heartburn --- heart-disease --- hearten --- heart-failure --- heartfelt --- hearth --- heartily --- heartland --- heartless --- heart-murmur --- heart-rendering --- hearts-and-flowers --- heartsick --- heart-stopper --- heartstrings --- heartthrob --- heart-to-heart --- heartwarming --- heartwood --- heart-worm ---
There are hundreds of Valentine's Day songs with the word HEART in the title. Please email with additional songs to add to this valentine word list.

Heart (Eddie Fisher)- Heart by (Nick Lowe)- Heart and Soul (Huey Lewis)- Heart Attack (Olivia Newton-John)- Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds)- Heart Hotels (Dan Fogelberg)- Heart in Hand (Brenda Lee)- Heart like a Wheel (Steve Miller Band)- Heart of Glass (Blondie)- Heart of Gold (Neil Young)- Heart of Rock & Roll (Huey Lewis & The News)- Heart of Stone (Rolling Stones)- Heart of the Night (Juice Newton)- Heart to Heart (Kenny Loggins)- Heartache Tonight (Eagles)- Heartaches by the Numbers (Johnny Tillotson)- Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley)- Heartbreak Kid (Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods)- Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick)

Additional Valentine's Day songs suggested by our participants - thanks Amy and others!

Closer to the Heart (Rush)- Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty)- Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)- Edge of a Broken Heart (Bon Jovi)- Can't You Hear My Heart Beat? (Herman's Hermits)- Where Does My Heart Beat Now? (Celine Dione)- Heartlight - (Neil Diamond- My Heart Will Go On - (Celine Dion)- Tell It to My Heart - (Taylor Dayne)- Achy Breaky Heart - (Billy Ray Cyrus)- Unbreak My Heart - (Johnny Mathis)- Let Me Call You Sweetheart- Deep in the Heart of Texas- I Left My Heart in San Francisco- Owner of a Lonely Heart - (Yes)-

More Heart Songs given to by TA, Mount Gleason MS, Sunland, CA

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Disney----- Blame It On Your Heart - Patty Loveless----- Brand New Heartache - Everly Bros.----- Broken Hearted Me - Anne Murray----- Change of Heart - The Judds----- Chrome Plated Heart - Melissa Etheridge----- Crying My Heart Out Over You - Ricky Skaggs----- Dagger Through The Heart - Sinead O'Connor----- Devil in Her Heart - The Beatles----- Don't Break the Heart That Loves You - Connie Francis----- Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John----- Don't Waste Your Heart - Dixie Chix----- Even If My Heart - Kenny G----- Every Beat of My Heart - Gladys Knight & The Pips----- Follow My Heart - REO Speedwagon----- Fool Hearted Memory - George Strait----- Good Hearted Woman - Willie Nelson----- Harden My Heart - Quarterflash----- Give My Heart to You - Billy Ray Cyrus----- Heart - Reba McEntire----- Heart's Desire - Manhattan Transfer----- Heart and Soul - Jan and Dean----- Heart and Soul - The Cleftones----- Heart Full of Soul - The Yardbirds----- Heart Hotels - Dan Fogelberg----- Heart Hush - Reba McEntire----- Heart of a City - Janis Ian----- Heart of Glass - Blondie----- Heart of Mine - Bob Dylan----- Heart of Mine - Boz Skaggs----- Heartache for Everyone - Indigo Girls----- Heartache Tonight - The Eagles----- Heartaches - The Marcels----- Heartaches - Patsy Cline----- Heartaches by the Number - Ray Price----- Heartaches of a Fool - Willie Nelson----- Heartbreak Town - Dixie Chix----- Heartbreak USA - Dottie West----- Heartbreak USA - Kitty Wells----- Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar----- Heartland - George Strait----- Heartlight - Neil Diamond----- Hearts Aren't Made to Break - Lee Greenwood----- Hello Mr. Heartache - Dixie Chix----- Home Is Where The Heart Is - Peter, Paul and Mary----- Home Is Where The Heart Is - Ronnie Gilbert----- Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen----- I'm Going to Break Every Heart That I Can - Merle Haggard----- I Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks - Barry Manilow----- I Have One Hand, One Heart - Barbra Streisand----- I Sold My Heart To the Junkman - Bette Midler----- If My Heart Had Wings - Faith Hill----- If I Only Had A Heart - Wizard of Oz----- If You've Got A Heart - Chad and Jeremy----- Keeper of My Heart - Indigo Girls----- Let's Call A Heart a Heart - Billie Holiday----- Let Me Into Your Heart - Mary Chapin Carpenter----- Like We Never Had a Broken Heart - Trisha Yearwood----- Look Me In The Heart - Tina Turner----- Longing In Their Hearts - Bonnie Raitt----- Matters of the Heart - Tracy Chapman----- My Heart Has A Mind of Its Own - Reba McEntire----- My Heart Skips A Beat - Buck Owen----- My Heart Stood Still - Burl Ives----- My Heart Won't Wander Very Far From You - George Strait----- Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart - Reba McEntire----- Nothing But Heartaches - The Supremes----- One Hand, One Heart - Debbie Gibson----- One Honest Heart - Reba McEntire----- Only In Your Heart - America----- Open Season On My Heart - Tim McGraw----- Our Hearts Are Holding Hands - Loretta Lynn----- Piece of My Heart - Janis Ian----- Runnin' Away With My Heart - Lonestar----- Seasons of My Heart - Johnny Cash----- Seasons of The Heart - John Denver----- Since You Broke My Heart - Everly Bros.----- State of the Heart - Peter, Paul and Mary----- Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Stevie Nicks----- Take the Keys to My Heart - Garth Brooks----- That's How a Heartache Begins - Patsy Cline----- The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter - Reba McEntire----- The Heart You Break May Be Your Own - Patsy Cline----- Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - The Beach Boys----- Thinkin' With My Heart Again - Lee Ann Womack----- Till The Heart Caves In - k.d. lang----- Tortured Tangled Hearts - Dixie Chix----- Tonight the Heartache's On Me - Dixie Chix----- Trail of Broken Hearts - k.d. lang----- Truth of the Heart - Melissa Etheridge----- When My Heart Finds Christmas - Harry Connick, Jr.----- Wild Heart - Stevie Nicks----- You Can't Lose A Broken Heart - Tony Bennett & k.d. Lang----- Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams----- Your Cheatin' Heart - Patsy Cline----- You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody - George Strait

Valentine Song Titles contribution of 22 new song titles with artist's name.Thank you, D.F. at St. Aidens HomeSchool, South Africa. Atom Heart Mother-Pink Floyd----- Cross my heart, hope to die-Elvis Presley----- Dagger Through The Heart-Sinead O'Connor----- For the Heart-Elvis Presley----- Heart of Rome-Elvis Presley----- Hearts of Stone-Elvis Presley----- Home Is Where The Heart Is-Elvis Presley----- I Will Hold You In My Heart-Elvis Presley----- In This Heart-Sinead O'Connor----- Men With Broken Hearts-Elvis Presley----- My Heart Cries For You-Elvis Presley----- One Broken Heart For Sale-Elvis Presley----- One Track Heart-Elvis Presley----- Queen of my Heart-Westlife----- Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun-Pink Floyd----- Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler----- When God Dips His Love In My Heart-Elvis Presley----- Wooden Heart-Elvis Presley----- You Belong To My Heart-Elvis Presley----- You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart- Sinead O'Connor----- You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan theme)-Phil Collins----- Your Cheatin Heart-Elvis Presley-----

USA TODAY Valentine's Day Snapshots listed some interesting facts, crediting a National Retail Federation survey, Caobisco/ICA, Hershey's and Wakefield survey:
FLOWERS.COM: -- Valentine's Day spending: Men = $135.35, women = $72.28.
American's love chocolate: Americans indulge in about 11.4 pounds of chocolate a year.

Which type of flower do women most want for Valentine's Day?
Roses = 55%
Carnations = 12%
Tulips = 11%
Orchids = 9%
Calla lilies = 7%

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