Tuberculosis Vocabulary Word List (183)

A)Action, Activate, Adaptation, Affect, Affliction, Air, Airflow, Airway, Alarming, Alarming, All ages, Allergic reaction, Ancient, Antibiotic, Arrest, Awareness
B)Bacillus, Bed rest, Blood, Bones, Brain, Burden
C)Case, Cavities, Century, Challenges, Cold, Commitment, Concern, Condition, Consumption, Contagious, Contamination, Control, Control, Coughing, Crisis, Culture, Cure, Cycle
D)Deadly, Deadly, Defense, Detection, Develop, Developing world, Diagnosis, Die, Difficult, Discriminate, Disease, Doctor, Droplet, Drug-resistant, Drugs
E)Effective, Emerge, Ensure, Epidemic, Examination, Exercise, Expanding
F)Facility, Fear, Fever, Fresh air
H)Harmless, Health, Health care. hospital, Health resort, Hospitalization
I)Identify, Ignorance, Illness, Inactive, Infected, Infectious, Infrastructure, Inhale, Invade, Invasion, Isolation, Isoniazid (INH)
J)Joints, Judicious
K)Killer, Knowledge
L)Laboratory, Lesion, Living, Lumps, Lungs
M)Mantoux test, Measures, Medication, Medicine, Moisture, Monitor, Months, Mucus, Multiply
N)Nausea, Needs, New, Non-medical, Numbers
O)Option, Organism, Organs, Overcome, Oxygen
P)Patience, Patient, Personal, Perspiration, Physician, Pills, Plague, Prescribe, Preventable, Private, Program, Protein, Public, Pulmonary tuberculosis
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quest
R)Rash, Ravage, Recovery, Reliable, Require, Required, Resistance, Responsible, Resurgence, Robert Koch, Rod-shaped
S)Sanitarium, Sanitation, Scourge, Seriousness, Sick, Silent killer, Skin test, Spitting, Spotty, Spread, Sputum, Strains, Suffer, Sufferer, Surge, Survival, Survive, Symptoms
T)TB, Technique, Testing, Threat, Time, Transmission, Treatable, Treatment, Trials, Tubercle bacilli, Tuberculosis
U)Ultimate, Upgrading
V)Vaccine, Vessel, Victim
W)Weight, White blood cells, World, Worry
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