Transportation and Other Vehicles: Vocabulary Word List (214)

A)Aircraft carrier, Airplane, Airship, Ambulance, Amphibian, Argosy, Ark, Auto-bus, Automobile
B)Balloon, Barge, Battleship, Beach buggy, Bicycle, Bike, Biplane, Blimp, Boat, Bomber, Boxcar, Brigantine, Buckboard, Buggy, Bulldozer
C)Cab, Cable car, Caboose, Caisson, Camion, Camper, Canoe, Car, Caravan, Cargo ship, Carriage, Carrier, Cart, Catamaran, Chopper, Clipper, Coach, Container ship, Craft, Crop duster, Cruiser, Cycle
D)Delivery truck, Dhow, Dinghy, Dirigible, Dirt bike, Dive-bomber, Dogsled, Dory, Dragster, Dray, Dune buggy
E)Eighteen-wheeler, Elevated, Express train
F)Feet, Ferry, Fighter plane, Fire engine, Fishing boat, Flatbed, Float, Forklift, Freight car, Freighter, Frigate, Funicular
G)Galleon, Garbage truck, Glider, Go-kart, Golf cart, Gondola, Grader, Gurney
H)Hack, Hand truck, Handcar, Hay wagon, Hearse, Helicopter, High-altitude reconnaissance plane, Hog, Hook and ladder, Hot rod, Hot-air balloon, Houseboat, Hovercraft, Hydroplane iceboat
J)Jalopy, Jet, Jitney, Jumbo jet, Junk
K)Kayak, Ketch
L)Landau, Launch, Lift, Limousine, Liner, Litter, Locomotive, Lorry, Luge
M)Milk train, Mobile home, Monorail, Montgolfier, Moped, Motorbike, Motorboat, Motorcycle, Mountain bike, Moving van
O)Ocean liner, Off-road vehicle, Omnibus
P)Paddle wheeler, Paddy wagon, Passenger train, Patrol car, Pickup, Pirogue, Pontoon, Powerboat, Pram, Punt
Q)Quad bike
R)Racing car, Raft, Reconnaissance plane, Rickshaw, Rig, Roadster, Rowboat, RV
S)Sailboat, Schooner, Scooter, Scow, Scull, Seaplane, Sedan, Ship, Shopping cart, Shuttle, Skateboard, Skiff, Sled, Sleigh, Sloop, Snowmobile, Speedboat, Sports car, Spy plane, Squad car, Stagecoach, Station wagon, Steam roller, Steamer, Streetcar, Stretcher, Stroller, Submarine, Subway, Sulky, Surrey
T)Tandem bike, Tanker, Taxi, Ten-speed, Tender, Toboggan, Tow truck, Town car, Tractor, Trail bike, Trailer, Train, Tram, Transport, Travois, Trawler, Tricycle, Troika, Trolley, Truck, Tugboat
U)Ultra-light, Underground, Unicycle
V)Van, Vaporetto, Vehicle, Vessel
W)Wagon, Water wagon, Whaler, Wheelbarrow, Wheelchair, Wiki, Wrecker
Y)Yacht, Yawl
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Transportation Lesson plan ideas and Discussion questions:

1. On a construction site, what types of machinery or vehicles would you expect to see? What function do they serve? How many can you find?

2. Some types of transportation are typical of a particular location/country. Make a list to match the name of the country where the vehicle/car/cycle originates or is used most often and match it to the item(s).Asia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Native American, Russia;
canoe, dhow, funicular, gondola, hack, jitney, junk, lorry, pirogue, pram, punt, rickshaw, tram, travois, troika, trolley, underground, vaporetto, wiki

3. Choose categories for types of transportation: aircraft, automobiles, boats/ships, railroad/trains, trucks or other types to include carriages, wagons/sleds or litters.
Make a column and list at least 25 nouns that you have selected.

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