Tea Vocabulary Word List (133)

A)Accompanied with, Afternoon, Allure, Ambiance, Ancient, Antiquity, Appeal, Apricot, Aroma
B)Bag, Bedtime, Beverage, Black, Blend, Boiled, Break, Brew, Britain, Burner
C)Caffeine, Camaraderie, Celebrate, Chai, Chamomile, China, Choice, Choose, Comfort, Cool, Culture, Cup, Cuppa
D)Daily, Dainty, Day, Decaffeinated, Demi-tasse, Dining room, Doily, Dried, Dried, Drink
F)Family, Fancy, Flavor, Fortune-teller, Friendship, Fruity
G)Global, Gracious, Grade, Grapefruit, Great Britain, Green tea
H)Heat, Herbal, History, Hot
I)Influence, Interest, Involvement
J)Jasmine, Jolt, Joy
K)Kettle, Kinds, Kitchen
L)Leaf, Legends, Loose, Lore
M)Mainstream, Meals, Men, Milk, Modern, Morning
N)Name brand, Noon
O)Oolong, Oxidized
P)Paper baggie, Party, Penultimate, Plant, Pod, Porcelain, Price, Process
Q)Quality, Queen Victoria
R)Recipe, Retro, Revival, Rolled
S)Salon, Sap, Savor, Serving, Simplicity, Sleepy, Slurp, Socialize, Soothe, Sort, Starch, Steam, Steep, Sugar
T)Tea, Tea leaves, Tea sandwich, Teapot, Throughout, Time, Tisane, Tradition, Traditional, Trendy, Type
U)Unique, Universal, Upraised pinkie
W)Warm, Water, White, Withered, Women
Y)Years, Youth
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